Destination Disney - Pin Trading

This DD topic was about Pin trading at the Disney Parks and now through sites and mail! Do you collect or trade these pins? Here are our answers to these Questions:

Do you or someone in your family collect pins?
YES! We have been gathering pins for several years.

Where/How do you store your collection?
We have many lanyards filled to the max with pins. Most of these were collected over the four years my husband and daughter worked for the company. We also had several given to us as gifts from other cast. The lanyards all hang in our son's room. We have also been given free lanyards over the years which we use for displaying.

Do you have a favorite pin or set of pins?
My son and husband love a pin of Goofy and Max. They got this one because it always reminds them of their own fun father/son relationship. Each pin holds memories, so I find it hard to find a favorite.

Do you purchase pins in the parks or elsewhere?
As said early on, we purchased in the park on visits, traded on visits, or got them as gifts and hand-me down's.

How long have you been doing pin-trading?
How did you get started?

We actually started keeping pins from visits from our first visit s a family ten years ago. I don't think we started actually using a lanyard and trading till about five years ago. I remember my husband and son picking out a starter kit, and another time my husband won a prize which was four Magical Moment lanyards! It's true -you do not realize how much you are blessed sometimes till you no longer have it or till you commit it to a written form. It was a visit with Heidi Strawser's family that resparked our interest and made us realize the value of our extensive collection of memories! Here is a picture from 2010:

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LEARNED SOMETHING - LOTS OF PINS AND LANYARDS BUT NO PICS OF THEM! Well, I declare! I did have a pic of my big free Birthday pin - do you count those in your collection too?


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Great post, Becky! Ian has a "first visit" pin that we keep in his room - it's not with his other Disney trading pins though.

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