Destination Disney - All About Me

First Theme Park Memory:

I remember a picture of me in a stroller. However, it was the trip to Fl when I was three and from Ohio, that I first really remember. I still have my ears from that trip! I remember seeing the castle for the first time and thinking I had the best Daddy in the world because he brought me here. I decided on that trip that I wanted to grow up and live at Disney and marry Walt! When I found he would be too old, then I said, "Well, a man like him!" So that is what I did.....

First memorable Disney trip:

The one I mentioned above in the first question or when I was five. I remember me and mom, sis too, riding "20, 000 leagues Under the Sea" and being very scared. Thankfully, the ride broke down just before I was going to be forced to get on! The wild Toad ride also scared me to death. I loved the Tiki Birds. Pirates, and Jungle Cruise back then. I was addicted to Small World! Wonder why? I know I loved the Mickey Ear Ice Cream, even back then. Boy, was I a sticky mess. We would stay from open to close. These magical vacations have stayed with me even to today. I have been so blessed to be able to share the magic with family and friends.

First Disney Resort Memory:

I remember visiting the first three (Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and the Contemporary). I found myself very jealous and I knew I should not, plus I did not want to hurt my Daddy. So, I kept it quiet and kept the dream in my heart.

Our first, with my own family, was traveling and staying at Pop Century! The kids loved it and we loved all the extra service. The pools, game rooms, and decor made all the senses heightened. We liked the refillable cup from the hotel.

Last Disney Trip:
My husband and some friends recently took me for a Disney Day. We enjoyed Magic Kingdom for a bit and then it was off to the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot.
It was lovely way to kick off spring!

Next Disney Trip:
From now through May, I will have a chance to enjoy the Disney World Resort and Parks with several friends and family coming in for the FPEA Homeschool Convention and other vacations. I know each will be days full of laughter and fun. Great memories are to be had.

Into the Parks (Family Favorites)


Tomorrowland: - Buzz Lightyear for the family, and Space Mountain for the thrill seekers!

Fantasyland: - Philarmagic, Peter Pan, Small World

Liberty Square: Haunted Mansion

Frontierland: - Thunder and Splash Mountains - These mountains will take your breath away!

Adventureland: - Pirates of the Caribbean! Can you find Capt. Jack Sparrow? We love this classic ride and the new additions.


Future World Attraction:
Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Soarin', Mission Space, and visiting the Lands and Seas.

Future World Restaurant: Coral Reef

World Showcase: The whole world! I cannot pick a favorite part.

Favorite Snack:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Meal:

Our favorite snack is churros and funnel cake. Our favorite meal is at Le Cellier in Canada. We drink water or coke. No alcohol for this family.

Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction:
This has become a favorite park of mine. I adore the Finding Nemo Show, and Lion King! We love wheeling my chair right on a truck for a safari. I love the nature and animals. Being able to experience so many learning opportunities makes this park a great field trip destination. I am the most relaxed at this park. Sometimes, I sit and watch the monkeys while my family goes and rides. Many times children will come up and talk to me while we watch these amazing creatures. My kids like the Dinosaur Ride and I miss riding the whirly swirly roller coaster with them over in Dino Land.
I could continue, but some of the fun is finding the treasures yourself!

Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction: Two stand out most: Toy Story and The Great Movie Ride; Show: Indiana Jones

Favorite Non-Park Restaurant:
Boatright's Dining Hall and Whispering Canyon Cafe for Casual
Ohana's for Character

Top 5 Disney animated movies (non-Pixar):
Not in any particular order:
1) Tangled
2) Beauty and the Beast
3) Lion King
4) Mulan
5) Emperor's New Groove
Oh my, it was so hard to pick our Top 5 out of 50!

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