Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday my daughter's boyfriend had a thought of a random act of kindness to which I would be the recipient. I was so blessed and excited both about being the beneficiary but also that young people are catching on to the idea that with random acts of kindness, we can change the world. Random Acts of Kindness first reemerged in our life after watching EVAN Almighty, and joining a movement to train church members in reaching one person at a time through acts of kindness. To learn more google these terms and watch the movie. See what God sparks you to do to spread his love!

The kindness we received was that our growing up children planned a day out together so that we, mom and dad, could have a day/date. These are few and far between in this season of life. We have found health issues to be the greatest hindrance, even more so than time. What reasons do you and your husband find that keep you from having quiet time alone, going on a date, and so forth? See if you can find some creative ways to go on a date. My daughter planned one that cost nearly nothing. She made a picnic from food in the pantry, packed Grandmothers quilt and other goodies in Mom's old picnic basket. She took her guest to a park near a lake which was also near a historical downtown, this provided free activities after the picnic.

My husband and I took our gift of time alone and had a nice afternoon together that included a subway lunch, shopping with Birthday money - without kids,talking, praying, listening and more. I had the beautiful chance of him sharing the upcoming Easter Musical with me. It set the mood for the afternoon. We were truly blessed by the kids and hope they enjoyed their trip to a special store and the beach! Not sure who got the best early valentine's but it seems all of us had a lovely Feb. weekend because we thought of one another.



Jennifer said…
It sounds like a wonderful day. You have awesome kids! I like your side by old and new pictures.