Miracle Week

This night holds many a flood of emotions. Thirteen years ago we had one of the biggest scares of our life. I say one because we have faced major challenges more than once. On this night, thirteen years ago I was in the ER. The Doctor, who had seen me in their many times over the past months, was apologizing. I had been and out of ER and Doctor offices arguing that I knew something was wrong with my baby and my body. They would stabilize me and send me home, always brushing events off as nothing. On this day, my home health nurse and I found ourselves fighting with them like never before. It was evident my kidneys were shutting down and something was terribly wrong. The Doctor, apologizing, said he did not know how this happened but I had developed an illness called HELLP Syndrome. A head political figure was also having her baby and I was told she would take attention over my situation. A dear older nurse said, "I will watch her and tend to her, whispering she was sure my baby was just as important to God." I cracked a smile.
This night would be long and hard as medicines flooded through the IV full strength, and the sound of the oxygen and machines were all the noise allowed in this room. My husband sat silent, holding my hand and praying. In my head came a flood of memories, prayers, hymns, praise and the verses of God's word. A peace filled the room and I fell off into a sleep.

*To be continued ....*