Miracle Week cont.

Cliffhangers can be difficult, especially when the storyteller has a very unpredictable life! I am afraid I left you hanging too long, but alas health issues once again foiled my plans. I keep wandering why i have to learn such flexibility?

Because I will be away from blogging for a few days ahead, I hope to get you through the climax of this story tonight.

As I told you last, my husband was told to leave and get a breather. Grab some food, take a shower and regroup they said. She needs to sleep and should be a out a few hours they told him. Yet, as he got to the parking lot, his pager went off. As he turned and ran back inside and to me, nurses and doctors were working on me. Sounds filled the room and people were rushing around everywhere. I kept telling them to wait for my husband. Why did they send him away? I was crying and trying to yell above the noise. My sister and Mother were allowed in and prayed with me. There was not a moment to wait. They brought in my pastor as they finished prepping me, to pray over me and bless me. From the page to being wheeled out was about five minutes which seemed like an eternity. My baby and I were dying. I had denied the epidural and asked to be put out because I knew my odds. I told them to save my son. We had been told he had not thrived well in the womb just a few hours prior. I had known this to be true despite the Doctors reassuring me for months that all was ok and I was just having anxiety. Uggh...the frustration!

Just as I was beginning to be wheeled out , my knight in shining armor ran in and to me. They told him to just kiss me - and he did. I asked for another, and then was whisked away into a surgical unit. One minute later our son was saved. He was breathing on his own as they wheeled him by his family members on the way to NICU.
My Mother said that he looked like me! They whisked him across the sky way. god had everything planned. We had moved to near Louisville just a month before we knew this child was on his way. Now, here we were in such a crisis and were just across from Kosair's Children's Hospital fully equipped to save our son! God bless them and the Shriner's! I was still in surgery. The surgeon had "accidentally" cut some organ but thankfully all was ok and I was sent to recovery.

I awoke for a second to my seventeen year old niece praying over me, holding my hand and having her face close to mine. My Sister, Mother and husband had gone across the sky way to be available for our son. My niece said, "Oh, you are awake!" This was as I asked, "Do I have a son?" She gently and barely told me what was going on. She slipped a ring on my finger for good luck, gave me a kiss and I fell back asleep.


Ring Leader said…
(((HUG)))) Hope you are feeling better! I'm in awe over God's providence for you and Anthony!!