Miracle Week cont.

Dear readers, I apologize for leaving you for three days, wandering what happened next!
Where did these days go? We have been busy celebrating the very lives we are sharing in this story.

Now, for the next part of the story....
I was awakened every now and then for medical intervention and tests. My body was turning black and blue. My husband stayed steadfast beside me. My dear nurse and others prayed right along with us. My sister had traveled to pick up my Mother and they arrived. I was unaware of the day, the hour. I would ask if my baby was still alive. At moments I wandered if I was. My sister and mother rotated allowing my husband to get some food into him and take a few zzz... He was allowed to lay where the Doctors would take their breaks. I remember one doctor telling me that this condition was rare, but even more amazing was that he had another patient with it, but over in the other Hospital in downtown. Two patients under the same Doctor on call, on the same day! I prayed for her and her baby. Our two would both end up in the NICU at Kosair's Children's Hospital - if they survived birth.

We were approaching the 24 hour mark. Time was running short. We had some scares as I had stopped breathing at various times. We now know this was probably due to neuron communication problems. They increased my oxygen and method of distributing it. They changed some medicines. I remember feeling so out of control and scared, panicked. The nurse told me to breathe and pray! Soon the breathing stabilized and my body was at peace again. My husband was debating leaving for two hours. He had not been home since leaving for work the previous morning, before being called to the hospital. Our Pastor had arrived and we prayed. Everything seemed stable for now, and I was ready to rest after so much activity. My Sister, Mother and Pastor
would stay at the hospital in case I needed them. It was decided that my room would go dark again and everyone would just watch from afar as I got some rest. We knew the next 24 hours would be even more critical and crucial. My body was rejecting all the medicines to induce labor. I had been on medicine for pre-term labor for months, my body was now confused! Magnesium and other medicines continued through the IV. Wires, masks, cords, cuffs and blankets for my chills were now my companion. It was time to rest in God's grip. I began to slip off...my husband ran to the car so he could get our things from home....people around the world prayed.

*To be continued*


Ring Leader said…
Ahhhh! Becky ------ and THEN what happened????????????????