Blogging Begins

To get me back into the routine of blogging I took on a blogging challenge from a friend. We are to blog everyday in February. I let everyone know that I might not make everyday, but will try to. The goal is just to get talking again! I hope you will support my efforts by visiting here regularly.

I am so excited about this challenge that I am posting the button so you too can get involved or read more great posts - all on facebook! See it to the left.

Why is this so exciting to me? My goal is to live abundantly in 2011 despite health, despite the economy, despite the world. My goals include spending more time in Bible Study and prayer, nurturing my family and friends, and not only educating my children but myself as well. There are other goals as well. I look forward to sharing about these in the days ahead. I recently found myself unable to communicate in anyway but gestures, this includes not being able to communicate online.Taking on this challenge is really retraining myself. I will always be more thankful for the gift and freedom to communicate. It is so worth working at it, and so worth fighting for.

God bless you as you strive to live abundantly in 2011!


Ring Leader said…
Glad you are able to do the challenge! I love that you posted your goals....I am in the process of redoing mine as the Lord has shown me I have been operating 'out of season' :-)