In the Quiet

My blog has been very quiet since just before the holiday's, that seem so distant now. We have been focused on family, friends, and battling health setbacks. Changes to daily life have disrupted our normal rhythm and routine. At times it has felt like we were in the chaos of a tornado. However, at other times we could feel the gentle winds of the spirit. A miracle often overlooked took place in the quiet aftermath of a storm. As my Life Application Bible notes, this is a powerful miracle. A whole nation, one that has been in bondage, moved from one land to another, lost its entire adult population, yet managed to hold on to its spiritual direction. Sometimes, we may feel like God isn't working dramatic miracles in our lives, or answering our prayers. We with chronic or terminal illness often feel in bondage and are looking for miracles. Do we pause to see the quiet ones? See, God often works in quiet ways to bring about his long-range purposes.

* This was based off of reading and notes in Numbers 26. You can read about this amazing quiet but powerful miracle in the Old Testament.