Holiday Bliss Continues

Hello readers! Hope everyone is having a holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and singing! I hope love, faith, hope and light are filling you up till your cup runneth over.

So we have been sharing some of the 'bliss' of the season, one for each day. I will start where I left off, so on to #13.

Bliss 13 - I am so thankful for those cinnamon hot hard candies and the dear souls who gave me some! Besides the fact that I have severe chronic dry mouth due to illness, and that I am getting older, my new meds now also cause dry mouth. I love the burst of cinnamon when you first pop one in your mouth. What are your favorite hard candies?

Bliss 14 - God bless the givers! There were two families. One is blessed to live day to day without any struggle financially. Things are of course tight for everyone, but needs are definitely more met easier than most. Another family has months of wandering how needs will meet, sometimes they are not. Both have faith and hope. The later made up goodie bags for others - "A thought of love", they said. An act of love and faith I thought. That goodie bag became a treasure worth more than gold.

Bliss 15 - The sun in Florida. I am so not trying to rub it in, but I am so thankful for the sunshine and no white Christmas. I love that I am able to get out and enjoy the world with my family. In another climate, I would not. I love that my kids just decided to go on a nature walk and all they needed to add to usual outfits were socks and a hoodie. Awesome!

Bliss 16 - We want to take a moment and thank God for Doctors that are specialized and experienced that are starting to move to our neck of the orange groves. We are thankful for what this means for my care and the care of the hundreds of seniors we serve in our community/church. It will greatly benefit the citizens, and well, the doctors too. We welcome these new servants and are thankful for their God given talents.

Bliss 17 - This Christmas God is giving us the gift to begin anew. As the New Year approaches, accept His forgiveness and begin anew. He will heal and help guide you as you make daily changes. He loves you so much that He sent his only son -Jesus - to die for your sin so that you could be forgiven and have eternal life! Jesus is your hope, and the reason for this season. He rose from the dead three days later and is alive! He is preparing your eternal home. He will return. We each will one day face him. Their is no greater 'bliss' than knowing the unconditional and overwhelming love of Jesus Christ. Be sure and share your bliss with others so that the love and peace of Christ can be spread.

Bliss 18 - We had a health scare last week. We keep getting calls of others going through similar crisis. We do understand we are not alone on this difficult journey. We prayed and asked God to provide His touch in these situations and our own rather it be miraculously or through health professionals. We prayed for divine wisdom and provision. We asked for peace and hope. During our own situation we have been very aware of His guiding hand, provision and peace. By placing the situation in his hands we see him working, we allow him to take away fear and replace it with peace.
We have had guidance and found ways to still make the season merry and bright for our family. As I look back over the month so far, I am amazed at all the signs He has provided that He truly is Emmanuel in our lives.

Bliss 19 - I love curling up with my husband on the couch and watching something together. We often share the moment with our kids too, having a second couch and recliner for them. Last night we enjoyed a presentation by First Baptist Orlando. The two singing Christmas trees, drama and liturgical dancers brought singing and joy into the house. Our son attended his first youth party and participated in his first white elephant gift exchange. These captured moments where we took time to celebrate the greatest gift ever given, and do so together, will become lasting memories. for these I am thankful.

Bliss 20 - It's vacation time for our Homeschool! Whew - our first semester of this year completed despite all of life's drama. If that's not a testament to love, family, and our God - well take the sunglasses off!

Blessings and Bliss,


I am glad you are enjoying the season, and your break from school, despite your health problems. I understand about the weather. If I had the choice, I would stay inside until the Spring thaw. As soon as I walk outside, it's muscle spasms and pain. *sigh*. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.