TOS Student Planner Review

"Mom when was I to turn in that project?"
"Mom, what chores do I need to do?"
"Mom, when is that youth party?"

Ok, Ok you get the idea. Sound like the Middle School student in your home? No matter where your child gets his/her education you can benefit from today's review. I do not know a parent or student who does not need a little more help getting organized. The Old Schoolhouse has taken their award winning planner and created student planners for each stage of the educational journey. But this is not your calendar, address book, and note pages Wal-Mart special. No, you get way more benefits and helps with a purchase of a TOS Student Planner.

One extra plus: You can use this tool to teach your child how to balance their life and stay organized! Important Life Skills indeed.....

Organizational Tools at their fingertips:
*Manage School Assignments
*Set Goals
*Organize and Plan Schedules

Lessons can Be learned:
*Daily Living responsibilities
*Time Management
*Organizational Skills
*Goal Setting
*Planning Skills

The Middle School Planner is for Grades seventh and eighth. It is the planner we had the opportunity to review. Age-appropriate planners are available.

* Primary Planner—grades K–3
* Secondary School Planner—grades 4–6
* Middle School Planner—grades 7–8
* High School Planner—grades 9–12

The list of forms is extensive. You and your student choose what you want to include in your planner. The forms offer personalization by being able to type your information right in before printing. You can just leave the planner on the computer or print for a hard-copy. If you do print, add each to a three ring binder for a personalized planner just for your student! Let them make a creative and unique cover. We love being able to personalize in this way.

Some of the forms included:
* Chore charts (includes tasks and pictures for primary and secondary grades)
* Loaned and borrowed lists (no more lost books, CDs, DVDs . . .)
* Important phone numbers and contacts (never forget a phone number again)
* Address book (from A–Z)
* Family tree
* Community service record (college and scholarship applications may require this information)
* To-do lists (today, tomorrow, next week . . .)
* Audio/Visual log
* Log sheet
* Marking period planners
* Wish list (stuff to buy later)
* Science lab sheets (use to gather all the supplies and record the experiment too)
* General book reports
* Dates to remember (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, important events)
* Website login/password reference (handy!)
and more.....

In addition , I share these as they are shared on The TOS Store Website:

*Schedule with monthly and yearly calendars; assignment and due date sheets; or daily, weekly, and quarterly sheets.

*Set daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or yearly goals.

*Build high school transcripts and track hours—start now to make transcript creation easy.

*Evaluate progress and document curriculum, educational objectives, course of study, test scores, yearly grades, or a 12-year plan.

*Capture memories of the first and last days of school with a Beginning/Ending School Year Page.

*Record extracurricular activities, music lessons, field trips, memory work, books read, or crafts completed.

*Create daily journals or nature journals. Fun journal pages for primary and secondary children include lines to practice handwriting and draw a picture.

*Document spiritual milestones with prayer journal sheets, Bible study notes, Bible reading highlights, or discipleship recording sheets. Even add a Bible reading plan to read from Genesis to Revelation or chronologically.

*Track library materials and due dates—no more fines.

Even beyond all this amazing content your child not only can create a one-of-a-kind planner, but age-appropriate articles and reference sheets will also make the planners a handy reference tool. Because this is digital and you choose what to print, you can use these tools for more than one child. "How-to Guides" are included for easy reference. These include such items as letter writing tips and handwriting guides. Several "Must-Know Lists" are also included. These can make a wonderful easy reference guide for many years to come. Some of the titles include, "The Thirteen Colonies", "Timelines", "Kitchen Measurements and Conversions" and more! Make organizing fun, order your child a student planner today!

Lastly, feeling left out? You also get a "Parent Pack" with your purchase. This downloadable file includes timely, informative homeschooling articles with grade-specific ideas and tips. You can also purchase yourself a TOS Homeschool Planner, and age-appropriate ones for each family member. I even am making one for my husband.

Saddle up, your in for your best organized year yet. Let 2011 be the year that you harness those schedules and help your family learn the planning skills they need now and as they grow.

Order a unique and flexible student planner today! Visit here for more information and to make that purchase. Various bundles and options available from $11.94 and up.

**Skills to prepare them for future education,community,family, life and jobs.**
**An Organized and Professional Appearing System**
**Be Productive!**

* Disclaimer: I received the TOS Middle School Student Planner for free,
in return for my review*


Heidi said…
Awesome review of the Middle School Planner, Becky! Love the picture at the top. :)