TOS Review : Collectorz

Boxes and boxes are stacked, yet unpacked. The contents you ask? Like many Homeschools, books and books and books. We have inherited a treasure trove of printed books from my dad. He has been passing them on to my children. If such a treasure then why still packed? Because they mean so much, we are waiting for just the right book shelves, and we plan to organize them in a fashion much like a library. We value them greatly. We have actually already begun the project.

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we had the opportunity to review a service called "Collecteroz- Book Collector". It is downloadable software. Hello, what a blessing and what perfect timing! Collecteroz offers cataloging systems for books, Cd's, Dvd's, comics and video games. These systems are available to be used with Window's on your PC, or Mac OS X System or online. What a wonderful tool to use for getting organized in the new year! We crew members received the Book Collector Pro Version. You yourself can check this organizing system out by visiting the Collecteroz website and downloading a free trial for up to 100 books! While there check out all of their systems to find what will work best for your family. Browse your collection while offline. You can print your list in case you are an avid notebook organizer like me. (The famous 'Mom Notebook', a three ring binder that contains my lists, plans and well, life.)

With Collecteroz you are not only able to organize what you own but you have it available to you even when away from home. You can share your database. You can access the list from your iphone, say while at one of the Fall Used Book Sales. It also provides a detailed list of these important possessions for insurance purposes in such cases as a Hurricane here in our neck of the woods, a fire or other disaster. you can also track your wish list! The Holidays are coming after all. see the website for more details on this app.

The ladies in my church share books, passing them from person to person. Each reader signs their initials in the cover. With this software I can better keep track of these books. I have been known to receive several at once and lose track of them.
Yikes! I am sure the women are going to be grateful for me getting things organized.

Beyond my notebook, I also have a pink lesson plan notebook and a pink 'stick' that holds all my E-Books. Anyway, I am so excited that I will also be able to organize my E-Books with my 'Book Collector Pro Version'. By the way, yes, I love pink and I am not technical jargon savvy. I do totally want the cue-cat scanner offered by Collecteroz. This would be a valuable time savor. There are three ways to enter your information (author and title or ISBN number). You can type each in, which we found to be impossible. We have too many books and not enough time to devote to that. You can scan the ISBN number with the cue-cat mentioned before. The information is automatically downloaded. You are able to scan your hard drive and catalog these automatically. You can even open them. Lastly, you can purchase the OPN-2001 and scan.

AS mentioned there is also an online database. This central online book database allows you to access cover art and other information on your books. By typing in the author and title, or ISBN number you can access the following information:
*ISBN, Author and Title
*Publisher Date and Publication Date
*Format, Genres, Subjects, Nr of Pages and LoC Classification
*Cover Images
*Plot Summaries and a lot more

Ok, I think I have touched on everything that this wonderful organizational tool can offer you but I do urge you to check out their website to get a true and full account of all. By the way, I also noticed among other tool, a Music Organizer. I fell yet another to do project ahead as we are a very musical family. In fact, my Mother just informed me she has packed up her music library and will be handing that over! Help Collecteroz!

The Book Collector Standard Version costs $24.95, while the Book Collector Pro Version costs $49.95. The Pro Version has extra features for larger collections.
Visit Collecteroz now and lets get organized! To read how homeschools used this product visit the TOS Homeschool Website.