Review of Write Foundation

My son and I set the goal to focus and grow in Creative Writing this school year. God has been good to supply us with materials to review to meet this goal. I love to write but was struggling with instructing my son who has shown signs of dysgraphia for years. Our evaluators have always been good at giving me tips, and there are of course many websites that give tips. However, my son would actually pray for Mom to find some good writing curriculum. He had overcome many penmanship issues and was ready. We had begun Grammar two years ago.

Write Foundation blessed us with free curriculum in exchange for our honest review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. We were thankful to get to choose which level.
We have been using Level One, Sentence to Paragraph Writing. This title is for ages 11-13 and is a perfect fit. Both my son and I are enjoying the lessons together. There is very little preparation on my part. It has us creatively learning, and he is writing! Each lesson includes not only the creative writing lesson, but grammar, poetry writing, logical thinking, plenty of checklists and guidelines. The daily lessons grow and build my child in the process. The instruction is easy to understand. He likes that he feels like he is being instructed at his age level while helping him to 'catch' up. It has encouraged him.

Some lessons have taken us longer but that is ok. There are scheduled days but the introduction makes it clear that this curriculum can be flexible. I like a curriculum like that. We have learned a variety of writing and poetry styles. He and I are being energized and plan to continue on with this curriculum.

Rebecca Celsor found herself teaching writing at a homeschool co-op, and the lesson plans she developed for that course became the basis for a product now offered to homeschool families everywhere. We are so thankful she shared her experiences.

The website says this about Level One:
Sentence to Paragraph Writing is designed for the student who can write a basic sentence and follow directions. The student learns how to incorporate grammar into writing more descriptive sentences, while also becoming skilled at the organizational process. Creative writing is taught by the inclusion of figures of speech and grammar.

Visit the Write Foundation website for samples and see if this might be the writing curriculum you are looking for! A syllabus is also available for each level. We received the Book One of Level One. Curriculum packages contain Instruction Manuals, looseleaf student worksheets, and an additional resources CD,they are available for $100 each. My son created a notebook cover and we created a 3-ring binder which is keeping everything organized.
This is going to be wonderful to present to our evaluator. I urge you to also visit the TOS Homeschool Crew website to learn more about each level and the experiences of other homeschool families. This family plans to see this curriculum used in our home through High School. We have found the right writing foundation for the building of a future of communication. Thank you Write Foundation!