KB Teachers Review

I am thankful to introduce new resources to you. Today, I am sharing KB Teachers. Even though our homeschool does not use worksheets as a main source of activity and method of learning, I was eager to learn more about this resource. As a homeschooler in Florida, I must provide a yearly portfolio as an alternative to testing. My son and I began notebooking about our activities, as a way to document our Unit Studies. These include scrapbook type pages as well. I also keep a journal of activities. Would KB Teachers fit our homeschool where we find ourselves now taking a more CM and Unit Study approach? As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we were able to try this out by experiencing a premium membership to the KB Teachers website. You can check the site out for yourself, as they offer many of their worksheets for free of charge! The premium membership offers you access to over 10,000 printables without the trademark watermark on the page.

KB teachers seeks to exist to provide the latest teaching materials and tools to teachers and parents. From worksheet generators and handwriting practice, graphic tools to clip art, coloring pages, to worksheets with answer keys for every subject, one is likely to find something to use here. We were glad to see that there were resources and tools to use with all age levels. It is often hard to find age appropriate worksheets for older students. I like knowing I am printing a notebooking page that truly is on target with grade level standards. This sure
makes me more at ease come evaluation time. I was eager to see if these would definitely be a fit into what we are currently working on.

As we near the Holiday season many want to incorporate Holiday activities. KB Teachers can help you! They offer several holiday and seasonal activities. younger students might enjoy some of these. There is also a monthly "Webquest" section. Click on the tab to take you to the monthly calendar that contains links for special days that month. Some may be new to you! One could easily build a day of study around the special events with the links to resources that are listed.

As an example, today is actually Gettysburg Day. A brief summary is given along with three links. Some ideas from me for using KB Teachers and this special day: Have your child dress up in civil war costume. Have him read the summary provided from KB Teachers.Visit the sites and read with him about this bloody battle. Watch the slide show from the link provided. Have him write a short story or paragraph from a drummer boy's point of view on that battle field. KB Teachers has a nice descriptive writing worksheet for 6-8th graders for help in teaching writing skills. For math have him research the sites given for statistics about that day. Be sure you have first taken time to teach him a little about statistics. After he has gathered his information, have him make a graph using them. In fact, maybe you could create a graph using the worksheet generator? I could not find any graph pages. Have him create an illustration for his story using some of the free clipart.For Science, you could study a bit about human anatomy using the related worksheets at age appropriate levels. Just an idea how one could use this site to create a full day of studies at the low cost of membership. Have fun creating some studies that relate to the curriculum you are totally using or for just a difference in your daily schedule! I must admit a flip side to this though. I would have liked to seen some other links I am aware of. I also felt the summary was lacking and too juvenile for my middle school student. One of the links did not work.

I also did not like the lack of a search feature. They state a designed website eliminates the need for such. I personally find that feature to be my easiest method on most websites. They do say that if you do not find what you want, to contact them and they will get back to you within 48 hours. Maybe the search feature would help them too. I found the readily available content, for my child, to be lower than with other sites. I was left wandering where the full treasure was? However, I do know this is a relatively new site and new content is being added often. For us, I will be checking back from time to time to see if there is something we might plug in here and there but this will probably not become a regular daily resource for us. I may check the calendar from time to time to be aware of curriculum related days ahead.

The KB Teacher site does offer some items for free, as mentioned earlier. They are also offering a free 10 day trial with a pay-pal account. This is for those who want to give the membership a trial run. If this should become something you really find yourself using, you can join for $29 for 12 months of membership benefits. A discounted rate is offered for a two year subscription, at $49. This company also offers a money-back guarantee, which says a lot about their integrity and belief in achieving their goal as they build this company. They are ready to answer any of your questions. Visit the KB Teacher site to learn more and see if this might be a handy source for you.

* To read more about others experiences with this company, please visit the TOS Homeschool Website *


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