Gratitude Nov. 9

Today, I am so thankful that I live in a state where someone like me can enjoy nature and wildlife. I have always loved nature and animals. I remember first learning from watching Walt Disney specials on animals and also, Wild Kingdom, with my Dad. Growing up in the city though, I did not get out among them except at the zoo. My parents would take day trips and we might see horses, cattle and buffalo on the Oklahoma plain but that was about it.

As I have been teaching my children, our love for nature has grown. As we began to implement Charlotte Mason philosophies we began to learn more and grow more inquisitive. Four years ago when my Cardiologist and Electro- Physiologist told me I would have to use a wheelchair when outside the home, and that walking over so many feet was out of the question, I thought my dreams of encountering wildlife was busted. I figured I was doomed to viewing the National Geo channel. Thankfully, a random Internet search and a random drive opened our eyes to something waiting for us in the Florida and County Park Systems and Reserves. Many are wheelchair accessible. With new technology, tires and equipment come in all different kinds of material, colors, and modes. We are able to do just about anything we set our minds to. I am so thankful for this. I am so thankful for these paths and boardwalks, no minding the gravel and roots! The little challenges like tree roots are nothing compared to the benefits of being able to hike with my family and embrace our environment. To boot I get to see some of the wildlife in their natural habitats. These scenes, being out among them, make me soar. Like Sara Palin says, "This is flippin' fun!"

Below are a few pictures I promised yesterday. They are from our hike this past weekend. We walked about four miles of trails and saw bald eagles, herons, and other wetland/marsh birds among other animals and various habitats. Visit this website for information on Florida Sate Parks. Visit this site for County Parks and this site for Circle C Reserve in Lakeland.
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Prairiemaid said…
I understand how you feel. I'd rather be outside, than in the house. Unfortunately, my home sometimes reflects my desire to be outside.;)

You have a lovely blog.

I'm glad you found a place that you can be one with nature and still be in good health. sometimes that's not an easy mix!
SisterTipster said…
I really MISS the hanging moss associated with that region~something peaceful about it...I'm so thankful you've found a way~Have a blessed day! hugs!