Gratitude Nov. 8

Today I am thankful for God's beautiful Creation. Yesterday, we went walking (and I rolling) at the Circle C Reserve in Lakeland, Fl. This beautiful reserve, their trails, and the Polk Nature Discovery Center offer you a view of life that seems to jump from the pages of our library book on Audobon's art of Florida. It is hard to share words that describe fully the majesty and wander of what you behold. We most enjoyed the bald eagles and herons yesterday. Two weeks ago we enjoyed alligators, cranes, hawks, and a vast array of spider webs. Each hike has been about three miles long, and we have enjoyed different paths through wetlands, oaks, marshes, and sandhills. We still have a few paths unexplored. We enjoyed seeing old windmills and learning the past of these lands. If you are ever planning a trip to central Florida, you may want to add this free adventure to your itinerary. Below are a few pics from two weeks ago. Hopefully, we can load Sunday's pics and share those with you tomorrow in this post series. God bless as you take time today for thanking Him for your many blessings and his wonderful creation.

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Heather said…
I love hearing about nature that is warm, when it is starting to be colder here! I actually lived in Sarasota for awhile and Florida is so Beautiful--I remember several state parks my parents took us to that were such fun. The alligators freak me out, though! My SIL had a big one in her pond in Tampa. Still, great photos:)
SisterTipster said…
Great pics and so glad you all had fun! Have a wonderful night! hugs!
Jennifer said…
Wow! You got up close and personal with creation here. I keep trying to get a picture of one of the herons on Powpow's pond but haven't captured one yet. I like seeing aligators behind fences. :)