Gratitude - Nov. 17

"In everything give thanks' you often hear. These can be hard words some days. Take it from this over 40 blogger, if we can muster the strength and the words - you will find what this means. Think about the stranded sailor at sea, in a storm. He must keep looking for the light coming from the lighthouse, so that he may survive and find his way. Just as he, if on a day when you feel stranded or lost at sea, you look for a light - a good thought, you too will see your way to shore. Finding something positive, how ever small it may be, can bring you just enough positiveness that you find a way to once again press on. It can be just the spark to get a fire burning within you. That fire then might help you to make a change or give you the fuel to move a life roadblock. So, today, may I choose to give my gratitude!

Today's Gratitude: Thank you Brenda, at My Homeschool Garden - Garden of Learning, for creating and hostessing this Gratitude Challenge. It has been a blessing in many ways!


My father came up the hard way, and always tried to teach us to count our blessings because other people were suffering so much more. I didn't appreciate it in the midst of some of the drama of my teen years, but I can hear his words so clearly. He was right. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. It's up to me where I choose to focus my attentions.
Jennifer said…
You are so right! We have been studying Moses and how the discontentment of God's chosen people was the opposite of their thankfulness. It's easy to look at them and wonder "how could they act that way" but it has made me analyze my own grumblings and try to change them to thanks.