Gratitude Nov. 16th

How fast is time going? Several of us are already getting out the Christmas decorations. We usually begin on Thanksgiving day, but we did get a few things out of an upper kitchen cabinet yesterday. The weather has stayed warmer than usual, staying in the low 80's the past few weeks. We were just 'itching' to get a little Holiday spirit flowing when we feel more like it is spring. I am thankful today for traditions. even though we messed with one of ours a bit, I am thankful that these 'constants' exist in life. Our traditions are a beautiful mix from our families. Over the years, we have found a few new traditions that have become a part of our children's life. They each make sure we follow each timed honored tradition to a tee each Holiday. While some years have been more lean than others, some shared with others and some not, some healthy and some not, we always keep the majority of traditions we have come to know and love. Below, I will share some of these traditions and I hope you will share some of yours. May you have a blessed Holiday season full of love, peace, and joy.

Some of our beloved, tried and true traditions:

1) Yes, we still do Christmas cards.

2) We have Pillsbury Breakfast rolls while the turkey bakes and we watch
the Holiday parades on Thanksgiving morning.

3) Our number one focus is Advent and focusing on Jesus' Birthday. We do a special unit for school hours and have special activties daily to celebrate Him.

4) We budget to buy one new decoration each year so that we continue to add to the boxes of decorations! One or more usually wear out so this way we are prepared.

5) We create our Italian Heritage Spaghetti feast for a king on Christmas Eve, enjoying it before church service which my family always plays a part in the worship to our King of Kings.

6) After all the celebrating and eating, we unwind by seeing a movie at the theater on Christmas Day.

That last one probably seems odd but see, we are always away from family on Christmas Day because of my husband needing to be in town as the Music Minister. One year we were rushing home from out of state. There was nothing open the whole way home. In fact, we had trouble even finding gas that year. We had nothing at home for dinner and we had been on the road over six hours with two little ones. My husband being determined to make it a great day, drove straight to the movie theater in town. It just happened to be open even though every store we tried was closed! Back then, we lived in Virginia. Anyway, we saw "Jimmy Neutron" and had some dinner. PTL! (Laughing about this as I type.)Our children decided that this had to be a new tradition, in a way to honor their Daddy. He "always makes it works!"

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Vickie said…
I love traditions! Thanks for sharing some of your.

You'll have to post this same thing next week for the blog cruise :)