Gratitude: Nov 12

I am so thankful today for Michelle Smith. friendships and my role as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. This is my second year of service. This year I have the double blessing of also being a First Mate. These experiences have promoted personal growth, and even spiritual growth, in measures I had not experienced in years. Having been a reader of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for years, I was so excited when a dear friend, Michelle Smith suggested I try-out.

Michelle and I met when our husbands were both taking classes at seminary. A Professor had given me Michelle's phone number because she was a fellow Homeschool Mother and was helping to lead a support group. Michelle and I talked and realized we were also neighbors. She lived down the street from me! We have been friends ever since. God is so good to place people in my life wherever He leads.

One day, Michelle shared a copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I was hooked immediately. That was back around 2004-5. Be sure and visit Michelle's blog 'A Life Better Than I Deserve'. After reading a few of Michelle's issues , we were blessed with a gift subscription. The articles inspired, and it was if the staff became trusted friends. I began to pray that if God's will, he one day cross my paths with the some of the staff and give the opportunity to thank them for the oasis they were for a number of years. This past summer I had the opportunity to meet the Saurez family, Heidi Strawser and her family, and several others. We had a lovely cook-out and some fun events we shared. Our friendships had been growing for awhile and this was a very special answer to prayer. God not only answered several prayers, but crossed the paths of several other dear families with ours as well. My family has made life-long friendships thanks to Michelle's seed that she planted in me, and the crew. God has filled our lives with special friends and co-workers. I find it such a joy! I don't think neither Michelle nor I ever dreamed all our Father would provide.

We have also been blessed abundantly with tools to build a good education for our children. How wonderful to witness the growth in products both in qaulity and qaunity in the homeschool market. The Crew has been an amazing resource for us.

All of this has also served as a catapult for achieving dreams. When you have people who believe in you, it is amazing how you are driven to heights you only once dreamed of. When you have people who support you when you fall, you are inspired to keep growing. I have new dreams and new hopes thanks to TOS, the crew, the friendships, and Michelle Smith who embraced a new and scared seminary wife/Mother.
I only pray and hope I can do the same for my mini-crew mates. Stay tuned for more about them this weekend! To all my dear friends - thanks for giving me a chance to soar, to continue growing, and for all the laughs and good memories.
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I'm new on the Crew this year. I had no idea what an amazing blessing it would be. It's been such a great experience.
Heidi said…
I'm so glad I had opportunity to meet with you and your family in person this past spring. Wow! What an amazingly wonderful gift that was. It seems funny to think that I was the answer to someone else's prayers. :) LOVE YOU!