Gratitude Nov. 10 -

A few days ago I shared about the lessons our dog Domino has taught us. Today I want to share Scooter with you. Scooter is my other baby and so very precious to our family. One day, I realized my daughter was a teen and gone often for her performance art classes and performances. My husband was always working. Our son was only in first grade then, but I found him getting too big to sit in my lap. I had no more babies. I found myself crying over the empty lap. Has this happened to you? I look back now and realize how over dramatic I was being. My children were far from not needing me anymore, but I was allowing myself to believe that I needed a new focus.

My husband felt the answer was a dog. I was happy to agree. He began to watch the local shelter. A dog would be my Christmas gift that year. One rainy cool day in St. Augustine my husband called from work and said the shelter had mentioned they had a dog that had been brought that day. They thought this dog might just be what his wife needed. I wander how silly they thought I was? Anyway, a few hours later we headed over to the shelter. As we walked in they said, "He's been here at the desk, at our feet, all day." They picked him up and carried him around to me. He looked so cuddly and cute. He stole my heart instantly. They handed him to me and he wrapped his little paws around my neck. He kissed my cheek and laid his head on my shoulder.
He would not leave or move while we talked with the staff. We then were asked to take him out to their yard. Out there my husband and I decided we could not walk away from this one year old who needed a new home. He jumped in my arms and we walked back in. He sat on my lap while we finished up all the paperwork. Everyone laughed as he became instantly protective. Anytime any other animal or person came near me he would growl and bark. That sure has not changed, until he gets to know you. He will usually sit on my lap while anyone visits, and for years he followed me everywhere. He now lets Domino take over that role. Over the years he has blocked my falls, laid on my achy body and awakened me when my breathing was off during the night. He is a very special creature.

His name was originally 'Flash' but the ladies said we just had to change that. The kids liked Scooter and I soon agreed. We soon found out why this little pooch was called Flash, for he flashed across the yard in lightening speed.

I remember the day I got my new wheelchair. Scooter looked up at the tech, who he had gotten to know, and let out a cry. The man told him he understood but it would be alright. Scooter turned his head and looked at the man, then jumped right into my lap as I sat in the chair. The patient man left him there and went on with what needed to be done. The children remember with fondness the day that we first walked him down the streets of old St.Augustine. He was a star that day! He knew it too. One of the craziest things was that he always stole our drinks and chips. He must have always been fed those before. He will hold a bottle, can or cup and drink away.
For years he was addicted to chips, but we have broken him and expanded his pallet. lol He also will take the mat under his bowl and cover his bowl. He has always hidden food. When he first came to our home, he would steal our food or water bottles and go hide them places for later. He has since come to know and trust that we will take care of him, but bless him, he still covers his bowl every night before bed. He will not let me dump and clean it until the next morning. We figure all of these antics come from his days before being ours. We love him so very much and are so thankful that he was brought into our life.


He sounds like a sweet dog, and a true blessing. I spend most nights with a cat in my lap. I'm missing my kitten tonight. She was just spayed, and I have to pick her up in the morning.
SisterTipster said…
He looks like a Scooter too~soo very precious! Thanks for sharing his story~Have a wonderful night! HUGS!