Gratitude days 18 and 19

Wow, the days are ticking away fast! I am so excited! i just love the togetherness the holiday's can bring. I often cannot be with extended family during this time because it is my husband's most important and busiest time of the year next to Easter. He is not Santa, but a Music Minister.

I want to give my thanks for the talents God gave my husband, and his willingness to use them. These past few days we listened as some shared ways they had been touched by his service over the past years, here in this corner of our world. What a gift of encouragement this has been. We heard of how music has changed lives, and how others have discovered their talents. This is my husband's fifth holiday season in this community of believers. It has been a time of growth and change for us, our community and our church. The music has carried us, healed us, taught us, stretched us, and brought us to the feet of our Lord. Thank God for Godly men and women who are willing to serve and lead in our communities inn order to spread the beautiful sound of music and the even more beauty of our Lord and Saviour.


I love music, but can't carry a tune in a bucket. It doesn't dampen my enthusiasm, but I really admire those who have talent. Sometimes the music during services moves me to tears. I'm so grateful for the people who share their talents!
Prairiemaid said…
Serving in ministry of any kind is a noble calling. I am glad you are blessed by the people you and your husband are serving.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

SisterTipster said…
Soo sweet that you shared about your hubby! Thanks so much! hugs!