Gratitude Continues

Friday, I listed some dear friends who I was thankful for. I am so glad I mentioned more than one thing since I have missed posting the past two days. I have been down with a virus and flare. So today, I am going to keep things short and sweet but I just could not miss sharing again. See, every day holds so much for us to be thankful for. I hope you have been joining in the challenge to think upon your thankfulness everyday. Every day is exactly what I want to praise God for today. I am so very thankful for each day, it's challenges, it's victories, the beautiful, and the ugly. Each day brings us closer to the day we will see him face to face. Each day is growing us for an eternal future that us beyond our comprehension. May you and I embrace each day fully, being the gift it is,and focus on our many blessings. If nothing else, just be thankful you are getting to ride this roller coaster we call life!


I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. The change of seasons has me in a bit of a flare as well, and it can be difficult. Thank your for your sweet and poignant post.