Gratitude Challenge -Nov 4

Today we are going to change things up a bit. I am thankful for both of my dogs today. I want to share today about "Domino" who has been with us for over a year. Domino was born in April 2009 and came to us in August 2009. A friend had nursed her while a newborn and was needing a good home for her. I was so touched by Domino's story that I found myself begging my husband to take in this puppy. "It would be good for our son", I said. Little did I know she would become my shadow and lap companion.

She was the runt, and basically was abandoned by her dog family. Many of her siblings became sick and passed on. She fought and along with my friends care and love, she survived. Her spunky spirit helped her to strengthen. My husband and son went to pick her up. In they walk with this cute little spotted puppy. She immediately came to me and stole my heart.

She also has tried my patience, made me scream and made me cry. This dog has been a little slower than the other in learning the pulse of our family, following the rules, and learning who is the master. So many times we wandered if we just were not the family for her. My heart was breaking over the tension, and my feelings of failure over helping this creature. She is loud, awkward, and was very hyper. She and our old dog were not too keen on each other. Oh, what was I going to do?

At the end of the rope, I prayed. Slowly, things have been improving. We are seeing great progress. We still have things to learn. I love how she is often on my lap listening into the lessons being taught, or joining in on a conversation. She has brought us much joy, love and laughter at her antics. She doesn't give up on us and we don't her.

Today, I paused and thought about the lessons this beautiful creature has taught me. She has taught me again, to not give up on any living creature. She has taught me about acceptance and unconditional love. She has grown my patience. She has taught me to go beyond my expectations and ideal vision of a living being. She has expanded my "teaching" skills. She has taught me forgiveness and to keep my cool. I could go on and on....

She greets us with great enthusiasm every morning and upon every return. She shows her thankfulness many times daily. She is affectionate and gives fabulous hugs. She loves to be right in the thick of everything, every moment. I am loving the journey!

Thanks for coming into our life Domino and for all you have taught us! We are your forever family, and we are thankful to have been chosen to be so.

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Sometimes it takes a little while to see the blessing, doesn't it? I hope she continues to find her place and bring your family love and comfort.