Gratitude Challenge - Nov 3

Today as part of our Gratitude Challenge I wanted to share my thankfulness for God's love. "God is love." (I John 4:8)

Love is so complicated. It so often in life seems fleeting, is hurtful and is darn hard work. The love I am talking about transcends all of that and brings us healing and hope in ways words cannot describe. If we citizens of the world could learn to love as Christ has loved us, imagine what could be accomplished! Imagine the many pains and hardships, the trials that could be erased! We have a long way to go towards that, don't we? So how can we even begin towards moving a love such as this into our own relationships and daily existence? Well, let's first try and understand how He loves us. Let's look at this amazing love.

Amazing love,
How can it be
That You, my King, should die for me?
Amazing love,
I know it’s true.
It’s my joy to honor You,
In all I do, I honor You.
Lyrics by Chris Tomlin

Ephesians 1:4 "Long before he laid down the earth's foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love."
( the Message)

Can we even begin to grasp that we are the focus of His love? WOW! That sends shivers down my weary spine! I think I how I feel when I can tell my husband is totally focused on me and my needs. I think about how I try so hard to focus all my love upon him in return and on my children, in model of my Father's love for me. To pause, and think that the Creator of all the tapestry of time and everything, had me in His thoughts and minds eye before the world even began? This, blows my mind. Why do we not live more abundantly and more free? Why do we not allow this to fuel us?
Why do we not allow Him to give us this peace? He, with all he has to do, is focused - focused on you! He knows your heart, your name, your every thought, your every breath. He knows your past, present and future. Yet still, you are His focus and the love of His life! WOW!

Romans 12:3 tells exactly how we need to be measuring ourselves and looking at ourselves, instead of through the eyes of others:
"The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what he does for us."

You are so important to Him, that He died for YOU! Not only that, but he rose again and is preparing an eternal paradise for you and all His children. He is with you now and waiting to hold you, to love you fully and unconditionally. He is waiting to free you and deliver you! He is waiting to be the same focus of our affection as we are His! Will you let Him in today? This post is just as much for me as it is you. I too need to remember that he has already won the victory and that I am so in His grip! I can breathe freely tonight, despite the chains that try to bind me. You can too! We are loved abundantly and He is waiting to do amazing things in and through us. We do not have to love in fear and chaos. Embrace Him today!

*All you need to do is confess the Lord Jesus as your Savior. Tell Him you realize you have sinned and are so in need of His love and forgiveness. Invite Him to indwell within you (invite Him into your heart). Thank Him for his love and forgiveness. Ask Him to help you and to set you free. You can talk to him just like you do your closest friend. He is listening. If you pray this prayer tonight, be sure you tell someone. Find a local church and get into the word of God, these will prove to be very helpful tools in the days ahead. God bless you!*


Wild Crickets said…
What a wonderful post. Amen! Thank you for a wonderful addition to my day. :)
Vickie said…
God's love is amazing and I'm grateful that He loves me inspite of my sinful nature. I am thankful for His mercy every day.

Great post!