Gratitude 20 thru 22

I am way behind on keeping up with the Gratitude challenge, but all is worth it. I was thankfully still very full of Gratitude despite my lack of sharing it with the world. We had our weekend blessed with fellowship. This was fellowship with like - minded sisters and brothers in Christ, both old and young. It was a weekend of celebrating friendships, relationships and being a part of the family of God. It renewed our focus. It revived our tired souls and even our worn bodies. Laughter is such a good medicine, and we did plenty of that this past weekend. Yes, I have so much to be grateful for. As we enter this week of Thanksgiving, may all of us be even more aware of the bounty of blessings our Father has given us. Pay attention for even those small things, and special quick moments when all seems right with the world. Realize what a blessing and gift your friends and family are. Embrace them!

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SisterTipster said…
Thanks for sharing today and Have a blessed day today! HUGS!!
I agree- Fellowship with others is such a blessing! Loved reading your post.
Jennifer said…
Beautiful Becky, getting to meet you and your family was a blessing. Yes, the small things can be some of the most wonderful things to look back and reflect on later.
What a great reminder. All the good gifts that surround us can get lost in the daily shuffle.
Marie said…
Your blog is beautiful!
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