Yuck! Perfect Fun for the Season - Buckets of Fun

An envelope arrives, and thankfully had the 'Buckets of Fun' sticker on the front or I might have freaked out! See, when I opened it some gritty stuff could be felt. As I tried to pull out the paperwork and contents, everything was really sticky. White gritty gook fell all over the counter. Yuck!

Thankfully, it all cleaned up easily and only a little had fallen out of a package that had been nicked in shipping. Thankfully, I was expecting the package and knew a gooey, yucky experiment was inside. This was my introduction to the fun from 'Buckets of Fun'. Visit this site to purchase the unique, the slimy, the flying, the crazy fun. Do you have a party or other fun event coming up? Then you need to check this website and company out. Do you join me in the summer for Wacky Wednesdays? Again, this site should be in your favorites. Their items will be perfect for my Summer Wed. fun!

Their Website puts it like this: "From things that fly to a bucket of slime...we are your source for fun and unusual products for all your events."

We had the fun of checking out all four of their "Yuck!" ( Yes, that is a noun.) experiments in return for our review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. Our mess at the beginning was caused by the Sticky Yuck. FYI, when water is added it is snotty. Too bad I tried to wipe some of it up with a damp cloth (smile and laugh inserted here). Paper Towel and patience cleans this up much better. You can use it by itself or mix it with Chunky or Saucy Yuck for more fun. Teenage boys love this stuff!

We also received the Snowy Yuck. My husband used the information that came with the substance to teach a little snowy science during our Weather Unit. For we Floridians, this snowy Yuck was the closest we were going to get! When dry it has the consistency of sugar but when you add water you have slushy snow. Ours was too slushy to mold well. We still think it might be fun to use at Christmas though. We came up with several fun uses.

Chunky Yuck starts out like rock salt. It forms into blocks like machine ice cubes.We think this item would be so cool for a party.
In fact we plan to do use some of this item this weekend. An idea for "Ghost Crystals" came with the item, so my son and his friends plan to do this experiment as they are having fun activities all weekend. Another idea to hide things inside. We thought this could be a fun party activity as well.

Saucy Yuck was seen on Letterman, and also came on our package. It starts out as powder and then changes into an applesauce consistency. This is a fantastic one for water balloon activities. Visit this You Tube link and you can see some great demonstrations.

Prices range from $16.00 for a 1 pound bucket of chunky yuck to 50 pounds of snowy or sticky yuck for $600.00. They even have yuck accessories to add color and even more excitement to the fun. There is a full product line at the website in addition to all the Yuck. The website links for a free Yuck PDF file and a free sample. You can read more about other Crew families and their experiences here.

*Not to worry - Yuck is a non-toxic, water-based product. They all clean up with warm water, and in the case of Sticky Yuck, a little patience and some paper towels.

* I was provided these free samples of Yuck, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew


My kids had a blast with this stuff!

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