Weekly Wrap-Up : The Round Up!

Giddy-Up and get along little doggy! Are you ready for some vittles, campfire songs and a drive that is long and hard?

We are well into our study of the Cowboy and Cattle Drive Era. We visited the Wild West and learned about some outlaws this week. We even discovered what was behind these men turning to a life of crime, and how to avoid those "forces". Our favorite book we are using is "Book of Cowboys" by Holling C. Holling. We were blessed to find a copy at our library. We are taking our vocabulary from this book. We are doing our picture studies and artist studies through a book of Western Art and several craft books I picked up. I will share the entire book list in coming weeks. Activities like campfire music, eating beef jerky, pretending, roping practice, and target practice make the unit come alive. I am writing my own unit this time around, and hope to one day share the final draft with all of you.

Everyday this week started with a visit to CBH's http://itoadu.com/. My son is loving this new part of our Spiritual Studies. He loved creating his character, cabin, and earning games and points. He enjoys learning more from the Scriptures and seeing how much he recalls. I adore hearing him read the Scriptures out loud. There is so much "good" that comes from this online site, you will not mind the time spent here. At the site is a link for Parents that gives you all the details. We have found it to set a tone for our entire day.

For Science, we have been taking a look at the Desert Biome. We first have been using Digital Frog's Virtual Field Trip to the great deserts of the world. This is another great tool, and I love the independence it is fostering in my son. I have him narrate what he learns at the end of each visit daily. He also calls me over to take a look at this and that, so I know he is really learning. Nature Studies also continued, and we have gathered some specimens for art projects next week.

Math has involved review, hands-on, real life and Math Tutor's Word Problem DVD.
I am still looking for that perfect fit and plan to return some products I reviewed last year, seeing what is going to work best at this point. We also continued our studies that combine Math, Technology, Engineering, and Science. If you have a child with dysgraphia, I would love to hear what program best works for you. I am open to suggestions here.

Language Arts takes up a good part of our studies. We are currently reviewing two creative writing products that combine spelling and grammar into the lessons as well. We are so thankful for these opportunities and the "double" class. Both are growing and challenging my son. I am watching his language arts confidence grow. Always a reluctant writer, and overcoming dysgraphia, he now looks forward to our language arts classes. Something I never thought we would achieve. I cannot wait to share these titles and products with you soon.

Other classes like Life Skills, Computer, Music, Art studies ( mentioned under History), and Handiworks round out our days. Most afternoons are spent exploring and playing with the neighbor children. They get plenty of physical exercise playing various sports, going on bike rides, walks, and enjoying trampolines. My son and another boy have been creating a lot lately too, including a homemade, working bow and arrow set. Nights with family talking, singing, watching shows or movies together, eating, and playing Wii or other games, bring our busy days to an end.
We settle in for some zzzzz.... and await the next days adventures.

The long drive, you ask? Well, after six months my husband is back to working a full time and a part time job. Praise the Lord! He has a long commute, but we thank God for His provision. We continue to have some matters up in the air and our future is unknown but we know who holds the future! We eagerly await to see all our Father has in store and what adventures lie ahead. Yeee Haw!


musicalmary said…
Hi there....just found your blog and I am glad I did!! Looks like a great week!