Internet Safety With PG Key

Internet safety has become a real hot topic. It is often a priority in most Homeschools. Experts agree that the best defense is parental involvement. In our own home we have had set boundaries and rules for every member of the family. Each of us hold each other accountable and have access to each other accounts for such purposes.
We had our children use a central location when on the Internet until they reach 18. We installed safety products. These are what has worked in our home to try and guard our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears. Have we always been protected? Sadly, the answer is no. A pop-up, spam or other bad "vibe" does enter from time to time. Some times bad choices are made. We have instructed our children about dealing with such garbage that seeps in. So what else can parents do?

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was offered the chance to review a product called "PG Key" in exchange for an honest post. Could this be another valuable tool?
That is what I set out to answer.

Some facts:
*PG Key has called upon the help of Internet security specialists, law enforcement, educators, parenting experts and family psychologists to give you the first complete Internet safety solution.
*Parents plug the PG Key into a USB port. They then quickly set up the parental controls for each user. Parents can:

* block content
* restrict pc access
* set time restrictions
* review sites visited
* review chat in all forms
* record up to 60 hours a computer activity
* and much more…

* There are no annual fees
* You need one key per computer that you want protected
* Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
* Visit the site PG Key for a free trial offer and more information
* Visit the TOS Homeschool Crew to see what others say about their experiences

So what did we think?
We had some issues as right now all four of us are sharing a rather filled laptop. After working out installing glitches (on our end) we did get things to work. We wished we had this product when our children were younger for sure. For our nineteen year old daughter, having a recording of every conversation was to invasive. We have raised her and taught her at home. There is a time when parents must trust in the wisdom and training they have given. She agreed the product works and is an extra tool for parents to teach and monitor activity. We worked out a compromise between us that she felt comfortable with. As I said, we were already monitoring and holding each other accountable. Our son who is twelve liked having the extra accountability.
All of us thought the feature of controlling time was amazing. As a parent using PG Key you block sites you decide are inappropriate. Unfortunately, can we know every site we need to block? I see this has another tool but realize it still is not a full defense. With content blocking features you can eliminate unwanted results from innocent searches. You will need to take some time, well spent, in customizing your account. All in all, Pg Key is a valuable tool that may work for your situation. With ten parenting tools in one easy device, you might find this to be just the extra security you need. We personally do not have PG Key still installed. This is because of technical issues we are having with our one laptop, and that being our only computer at the moment. We wish we already had purchased a new family desk system.