I Have Been Tagged

I have had three friends tag me over the past few weeks. Bear with me as I try and respond to each tag and award so graciously given.

Life has been going through the grinder, and yes we feel a little like shredded cheese. In such a state of change, we find ourselves being transformed. This is a painful and yet beautiful process. It has taken much of my focus and I have been quieter than usual online. Some may find that a blessing. I will however, be responding and sharing a few friends, while giving you a look inside, all with a little humor. I hope my readers enjoy this series of posts. So, inquiring minds want to know......

My friend Michelle at "A Life Better Than I Deserve" will be the first tag I will respond to. It seems many bloggers have their minds on Christmas.

1. What type of gifts do you prefer to give? Do you prefer homemade, gift certificates,store bought, etc...? I enjoy hunting for the right and perfect gift for someone, at a bargain. Sounds cheap probably, but I love the thrill and joy in being able to afford something special. I want the person to know I spent time, thought, and prayers into that gift, and that it is given out of love and appreciation for their life.

2. What type of gifts do you prefer to receive? Seriously, anything as long as it was given out of love. If I just have to name something, I love getting things that will last for years to come or make memories with my family.

3.Do you stock a gift closet, or box, and purchase gifts throughout the year?I do if I find things on sale and have picked them up. I keep a "gift" box and those items might be used for Birthday or other Holiday. I am always kicking myself when I find really good deals and am out of funds. We live on cash not credit so great deals are often missed. We are trying a new budget system these last months of 2010, for just such events. I look forward to letting you know if it works.

4. What is your favorite type of music? Do you have one?
We are musical family for sure. I most prefer listening and performing Praise and Worship Music, as well as, Christmas Music. All four of us perform, create and fill our days with music. My husband is a Worship/ Music Minister.

5. Do you like chick-flicks, or not? Oh yes!!!! I especially love them when I get to watch them with my daughter who soon will be nineteen. She is such a joy in my life, and these are precious moments we share. We have made it something we do together since she was born. We have video tapes of us watching chick flicks just to prove it has been our thing since day one. I wander if it will continue?

6. Do you have a hobby? Do you make time for it regularly?
Ha, my hobbies would be some of the things previously mentioned. I enjoy Music, Blogging, writing/journaling, reading, playing games with my family, going to Disney, and watching chick flicks. (Smiling)

7.What is your favorite thing about where you live? Every place has its pros and cons. What are the “pros” about where you live? I love the sun, the palm trees, that Disney and the ocean are near by. I love that we have open lots with the nature still in place, behind our home. I love that on our new street there are many children within five years of age from each other. They have many adventures together and are learning so much from one another. Our neighborhood is very diverse and this has brought so many learning experiences. Our current church family is mainly over 55 and this has taught our children and us a great deal as well. I was so surprised when we arrived and met a couple from Michigan. They asked me what my maiden name was and about my family. To my utter shock, out of all the places God could have brought us, He brought us to a place where someone had grown up with my Dad and his brothers! Pretty cool and, "It's a small world after all."

8.What is your favorite kids cartoon movie? Disney's Beauty and the Beast ( One of the first 'chick' flicks we have shared, ha ha. )

Ok, so I shall now pick eight ladies and ask them to answer the same questions. Be sure and stop by their blogs to see their answers! If some of you have already been tagged, please do not feel like you have to answer. I just want to be sure and mention some of you ladies who have been so encouraging and helpful to me.

1. Heidi at http://www.chatterandclatter.blogspot.com/

2. http://faithfamilyandfun.com/

3. April at http://homeschoolblogger.com/elcloud/page/2/

4.Heidi (My close friend and Crew Captain)at http://heidi-strawser.blogspot.com/

5. http://www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com/

6. Cindy from our Crew: http://www.fencedinfamily.com/blog/

7.Visit Mrs. White at http://homeschoolblogger.com/members/mrswhite/

8. I'll take this moment to remind you to visit Michelle's Blog which started this whole thing! http://homeschoolblogger.com/ALifeBetterThanIDese/


Michelle Smith said…
Becky, I loved reading your responses. I even learned some things about you--and some things I've forgotten even though I've known you for nearly a decade now! Thank you so much for your quiet testimony of encouragement in even this simple "tag" post.
Mrs. White said…
It was so nice to read your answers and have a visit with you!

Thank you for mentioning me!


Mrs. White