Weekly Wrap -Up : High Tech Civil War

What a great week we had last week despite some sick days. We focused on the facts of Mr. Lincoln's High Tech Civil War. We even had a book of the same title from our local library. We took a look at the Hot Air Balloon, Telegraph, Ironclads,
Railroad and Submarines. We found a documentary on the raising of the Hunley, interesting. We wanted to make a periscope but never gathered the right supplies. This saddens me and I hope we can still make one within the next week before wrapping up our Civil War Unit. We did accomplish making a model Hot Air Balloon and we even got it off the counter! We sure did cheer.

We also made a tent and evaluated the camp life of the civil war. We enjoyed camp life foods like beef jerky, molasses cookies, chili and cornbread. We researched upcoming civil war and heritage day events throughout our state. We hope to make it to some events this year.

Read alouds involved the one mentioned prior, 21 Balloons by DuBois, The Great Balloon Race and a audio and cd-rom of Secrets of a Submarine. We used pictures and some reference reading in Civil War for Kids. I enjoyed learning about Prof. Myers and his wife Carlotta in the book about the Great Balloon Race. My son felt the story was childish, which it was beneath his reading level, but understood my excitement. I too dream of flying in a Hot air Balloon. In fact, it is on my 'Bucket List'. My son told me the story of his trip with his Dad. My husband and him stopped at a submarine and warship tour on their way home from Louisiana this past spring. My son shared about what all he learned on that sub. We also watched an episode of the Duggar family visiting the USS Razorback sub.

The week was full of field trips. My son and husband went fishing. They caught 14 fish in one night. They throw them back, except for the Gar fish. I got a lesson on what a Gar fish is. Do you know? Click here to know more. There's was not as big the ones featured in this article, thank goodness! My husband was also taken golfing. I am thankful for this kind gift that was given him. It is good for him to get out with other men, walk, hit balls and relax. Especially when out of full-time work.

Another gift was given, and we were able to enjoy a "US History" field trip to Disney world for a day! As an example, we rode the steam train and recalled our lessons. We went to the Hall of Presidents. My husband took my son over to Tom Sawyer Island for exploration. We enjoyed frontier land and visited the Carousel of Progress. We visited a few related spots over at Epcot as well. It was fun planning and spending a day built around studies we had done. My son was excited to see how he much remembered and knew.

We ended the week, or started a new depending on how you look at it, worshiping together. My husband is the Interim Music Minister at a local church, and this particular Sunday was full of music. He and our daughter gave a beautiful worship song. He played and she sang as a precursor to the Concert and International Dinner being done in her honor this week. The church has planned this event, donating the proceeds to her upcoming service as a Missionary with Youth for Christ in 2011. It was a beautiful transition to a new week.

Thanks for reading and sharing time with me, as I take a look back at our blessings this past week. I am amazed at all we accomplished and did despite our setbacks, chronic illnesses and colds. The Lord is definitely our Provider, Strength and Rock!

~ Becky