Weekly Wrap - Up and Picking Up Sticks

Well, we are wrapping up another week. We have been busy, so much in fact, that I am posting last week's and this week's happenings! Doing so for my own records, and hope you find a bit of inspiration while I do.

We have been picking up sticks! Well, pretzel sticks as we are building a "log" cabin like old Abe's. We have read bio's on Lee and Grant. It was interesting as we compared the lives. We have studied these men before, but learned more these past two weeks. "A Picture Book of Lee" is a good picture book for an easy read or younger child on Lee. We used other books as well, but enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with you. Our Grant Bio was a review item from Library Educational Services that we received last year. The History Channel once again has provided us with shows I DRV'd for our Civil War Unit. Bright Ideas Press All American History provided us with a nice review. Historical read alouds are a special part of the day, and spark many discussions. My son's own reading both silently and aloud have really improved in the last year.

We are enjoying being Beta testers for a new Writeshop product. Writeshop has earned its spot has my son's favorite Creative Writing Course. The confidence he has gained using Writeshop products, has carried over to other subjects. This program provided most of our Penmanship lessons, Spelling and Grammar these weeks. These subjects were also interwoven into our all studies.

We continued our in-depth science lesson on "Weather". We even built our own Barometer! It has been so neat to have it work properly and record our data. we have also been keeping Tropical Tracking Maps and a Weather Data Chart. We have been bad and used items in our Hurricane Kit during calm times. I think we better stock back up as Igor bears watching. For a fantastic resource for such a study check out lessons available for free at NOAA and this Illinois University site for kids! I will post our weather station pictures next week! So be sure and check back.

Math studies included a Pre-Algebra Math Tutor DVD we were reviewing for our role with the TOS Homeschool Crew. We really like these DVD's and own several. Daddy is teaching Math. I am re-learning as I sit on lessons. My illness has caused some loss of Math abilities, and no, I am not making excuses. I probably would need the re-teaching anyway. Math Tutor provides a great resource to students of all ages.

This is just a sample of our activities among our errands, Doctor appointments and church activities. Daily exercise, friendships, chores and more stretch us and grow us. My husband and daughter are taking a Dave Ramsey course. We also went on some field trips and had some humorous and special moments. I will be posting a humorous post on our recent field trip to Ft. Meade. Hopefully we will have our camera fixed by then and I will have the chance to post some new pictures! Having only one camera and one laptop, both "acting" up, and four people sharing is like the bathroom issues of yesteryear.

Spiritual Studies included daily devotions and prayer. We are throughout the day praying and sharing in discussions of faith. We had great discussions as we studied the spiritual lives of Grant, Lee and Lincoln. Our son has also been teaching the Bible Lesson for each Super Saturday event at our church. He has learned a lot about Joseph as he prepared and researched for his lessons. He delivers the message through monologue, while wearing a costume. He was a hit with the younger kids, adults too! Anthony is twelve and I appreciated his responsibility, dependability, and servant's heart that he has displayed these past four weeks. He just hugged me and thanked me for training him so that he could go and "do this". Moments like this I hide in my heart for those days when I wander if I am still doing a good job even after ten years of teaching at home. I think when one takes the responsibility seriously, we have moments of doubt despite our tenure. Do you agree? I think we do so even more when something like an illness, job loss, move or other life crisis creeps in. Be encouraged, for scripture tells us that he will equip us for the job He has called us to. He is faithful to see us through. See Psalm 138:8, a verse I hold close daily.

God Bless and have a great week ahead!


Becky said…
I forgot to tell you - Be encouraged and gather new ideas from seeing what others doing. Visit the Weekly Wrap - Up Meme at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.
cahanbury said…
We are so full of doubts as HSers, aren't we? I've just started reading When You Rise Up and it has been so good for reminding me what it's all about. Looks like a great couple weeks.
Ritsumei said…
This sounds like some very fun projects! I feel your pain on the sharing computers thing: my husband just fixed mine after a week or two of "acting up," wherein I had to sneak in what time I could get on other people's computers. They were gracious, but it's just Not The Same. It's wonderful to have it back again.

Michelle Smith said…
What an interesting time you are having homeschooling, with such interesting activities! And, as usual, what an encouragement you are to others not facing some of the trials you have been and are facing. Thanks for the encouragement today. :)