Wacky Wed. Summer Wind- Up

Oh wow, it is time for the last Wacky Wed. post for 2010. Fall is knocking on your back door. I would love to hear about your fall field trips, and see beautiful fall pictures. Rest assured, we are still tropical and warm down here in Florida. Today was exciting as we were cooler in the morning. The Christian radio announcer was thrilled to tell of her husband's victory pose after retrieving the morning newspaper. It is the little things in life! It was so nice for it to be cooler outside than in, when heading out for such morning rituals.

I had once assured you I would share more tips for locating exciting local field trips, no matter where home is. Here is a tip: be aware that websites do not always have the most current information or that what you are reading about is totally factual.

I was overly eager as one Saturday afternoon we headed out with a list of five historical stops here in FL. We packed snacks, had mapped things out and Mom had her list of information. I had planned a load of free activities. To our surprise, the museum was in a small house, the fort was just a fence,and that was just the beginning. There was little evidence of the 200 historical homes and buildings. The "monument" we planned to see of the Indian raid was just a cemetery looking pillar on a patch of undeveloped grass. The Stonewall Jackson Memorial was a stone etched with some information. We had read it was a monument and had envisioned a statue based on what we had read online. Not all was lost though. We laughed so hard we cried, as we drove around the area trying to locate these hidden gems. I had built up such anticipation that all enjoyed teasing Mom. It didn't help as I too was cracking jokes and wise cracks during our trip. The kids actually claimed that this afternoon ended up being one of the best in a long time. I replied, "Well, what that does tell me?" Ha Ha No, they were really serious. They gently shared that while most would have seen this as a failed trip, the laughter and time together were well spent. We had worked together to find our small gems. We even came across an unplanned stop. We found a wetlands park that had a bridge over miles of wetland forest! For the first time in years I was able to enjoy a Nature Walk in a park with my children. The park even had learning stations along the path. It rained as we were out there in the forest, but we did not care. Always enjoy, laughing and playing in the rain! Hold on to every moment!

I hope you have had a beautiful summer of bright experiences with your children and family. May God richly bless you with many memory making moments during the Fall time ahead. Till next summer....keep on embracing the Wacky Wednesdays!

* Our camera chord has a short so I am unable to share the pictures I had to share with you! Sad, I know! Thank you to Pink Studios for the beautiful and bright above picture!*


One Mom said…
Stopping by from the crew. We are in Florida too. Sounds like you ended up having a fun trip in the end!

Oh, and I have a giveaway going on right now if you have time to stop by!
Elinette said…
Stopping by on our weekly blog walk. I absolutely love your blog design!
What a fun story!! I love it when you can make lemonade out of lemons. Pretty cool that you all had a great time in spite of the lack of grandeur of these historical sites. LOL!!