TOS Crew Review: Math Tutor DVD's

Screams of terror can be heard when many students approach the higher maths of Middle School and High School, and this is from the parents!

Product: Math Tutor Pre-Algebra DVD Volume One
A five hour two disk set!
Price: $26.99

Many times, we parents can unfortunately be the lead in Math avoidance's. In our home, Mother is mathematical challenged but is working on it. Functions were impeded by disease and must be relearned. Father takes over Math Lessons once one enters seventh grade. I, therefore, watched this video with my husband and son (12). I was excited to receive another product from this outstanding company that guarantees results. I was even more excited when excitement took over as my son explained how his "lightbulb" was shorted out and came back on! Sound effects were included in this dramatization of the great job that the instructor did on explaining the definitions used in Pre - Algebra. Even Mom had some confusions cleared up. Let the angels sing here!

To learn more about Jason Gibson, click this article. His no fluff, straight to the point instruction is engaging with his white-board use. Our son declared, "Mr. Gibson does an awesome job at explaining! He describes and shows each step which is really helpful." My husband felt he did an amazing job at simplifying the definitions into terms the student can easily grasp. My son summed it saying, "This is cool!", and wants to add that he thought the DVD cover was creative. I was happy for the extra demonstration, better explanations, and the ability to pause or replay when needed. I was thrilled that the family once again is encouraged to grow and learn together. Math Tutor helps both student and the parent who needs some intervention!

Visit Math Tutor today for free samples, discussions and helps. Currently the site is having monthly giveaways of free videos. Enter today! You can read about other families experiences with Math Tutor by visiting the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog. We suggest you use Math Tutor as a supplement to your Math Curriculum. "Push play for success!"

*I received Math Tutor Pre-Algebra Vol. 1 to use for review, and the posting of my honest opinion. *


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