FlashBack Friday - Let's Go to the Movies!

What movies were popular when you were growing up? Did you go to the movies very frequently? Do you remember what was the first movie you ever saw? What is your favorite genre of movies? What were your favorites then, and have they withstood the test of time? Do you have any particular memories associated with movies? Was buying snacks a regular part of the movie experience? What was your favorite movie snack? Have you ever been in a movie or seen one being filmed?

This is the prompt that was given for this Friday's Flashback. While others were seeing "Grease" or "The Bad News Bears" in the theater, I was being exposed to comedy like Bob Hope, Three Stooges and others. Music filled our home often. By ten I knew most lyrics to all Shirley Temple films and most musicals. In fact, this encouraged me to audition at the Lyric Theater in Oklahoma City. Despite no outside training, I won a part for Summer Stock shows. It was the summer before seventh grade. I went on to study music and instruments privately. Both my children and husband have the same performing bug.

I loved the musicals the best. Dad would pop popcorn and we would watch as a family.
Mother could never watch all of a show, but I always did. I was not allowed to go the movies until I was in ninth grade. There were two exceptions to this rule. One time, in elementary we went with a group. After about fifteen minutes we walked out.
The language was not suitable for young children. My Mother had tried to tell the other parents! I actually appreciated the rules and standards my parents had for me.

The other exception was when my Mother tried again and took me at ten. It was Thanksgiving, and she took me to see "Annie" one day. The next, we saw "Fiddler On the Roof". I have never been to the Theater again with my Mother, but I treasure these two experiences. She does too. My sister took her and Dad to see the new Disney "Christmas Carol" last Christmas. They really enjoyed doing such a "treat" again. My family, however, attend the movies regularly. We are able to get discount tickets and enjoy the movies to celebrate Holiday's and special events. We are selective in what we see, and enjoy the experience as a family.

Sunday afternoons were when we could often find great movies on TV. I remember rushing in from church to catch Shirley Temple movies. Each Easter brought "Sound of Music" and "The Wizard of Oz". "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang" were others I really enjoyed. I have enjoyed sharing these with my family as well. Now that all are on DVD, these great classics will live on. Check out one tonight and enjoy it with your family! You will make memories that can last a lifetime. I leave with you some of the upbeat, sugary joy of my childhood!


Oh I love Shirley Temple! Such a cutie! You and I have similar tastes!

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