Destination Disney Is Back Live on Saturday's!

Destination Disney is back!  We’re going to try hosting the meme on a new day – Saturday – in the hopes that it’s not such a busy meme day and we’ll be able to have more participation. 

We are also “getting back to basics”.  The goal is to help you plan your next Disney vacation – whether you’ve already got it on the calendar or you’re just in the “dreaming of Disney” stage.  So look for our September topics to be pretty basic – yet fun!

This year’s theme at Disney is Celebrate Today!  So, we’d like to start out by asking you a few questions about celebrating --- let's discuss why we would plan a trip to Disney.

  • What will you Celebrate?  

  • If you are a seasoned guest, what have you celebrated at Disney? Include pictures!

  • If a Disney vacation is just a dream, what would you like to celebrate at Disney and why?


Becky said…
Hi travelers! Having some tech issues tonight. Hope you can see the pics, but if not , we will have that fixed asap. Thanks, and be sure to link up!