Destination Disney! Celebrate!

Celebrate Today! This is the 'theme' at Walt Disney World this year. In light of this, Heidi and I asked a few questions shared again below with my answers and stories. I hope you will stop by the other bloggers who shared. Be sure and leave us your own! You can do so here.

*What will you Celebrate?
We will be heading back to Downtown Disney to Bongos for our daughter's 19th Birthday. We plan to visit the parks again during the Holiday Season.

If you are a seasoned guest, what have you celebrated at Disney? Include pictures!
Well, yes we are 'seasoned'. We were blessed to visit whenever we wanted for a number of years. We have celebrated Holiday's, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Graduation, End of School Year, Start of School Year, and "life" - overcoming another health setback. Everyday we could go and make memories together, was a reason to celebrate and visit the magical world of Disney.

*If a Disney vacation is just a dream, what would you like to celebrate at Disney and why?
I thankfully have had the opportunity to live out my dreams at Disney. I remember dreaming when I was child, and telling my Daddy, "One day I will be married to a man like Walt Disney and we will work there. Daddy, we are going to even live there, with Mickey!" How precious was the day when I was able to take my elderly Daddy to see the Candlelight Processional? He teared up as we walked in, took my hand and recalled the dream I had shared when I was three. I will continue to dream and will always cherish the lifetime of memories made at "The Most Magical Place on Earth."


Heidi said…
I LOVE your post, Becky! You and I dream so much alike - you just got there before me! :)