Weekly Wrap - Up: A Week of a Sleep Study and Sleepovers

Week four has come and gone. It was a crazy week that we are still reeling from. I celebrated my forty-something Birthday by doing all the things I loved. I never planned that a storm would build up over the "African Plain" and I get soaked by buckets! Oh, what a cold and funny memory I will always have. As the vehicle took a turn and we looked out over the plain, the driver and I both said "Uh-Oh" at the same time. I sit very close to the driver in my wheelchair, on a special safari truck. In no time it was raining. The truck has a cover, so we thought it fun as we watched the animals reactions. Then,,, theme music please...we turn a corner to go catch elephant poachers and STOP. Yes, the driver stops because oh, look at the baby warthogs chasing each other as they scurry for their burrow. As he does so, the wind blows all the heavy rain right on me and a few folks behind. They were smarter than I and had quickly put on garbage sacks or what-have-you. I was soaked to the bone. After that, we thought what the heck? We had a lovely day in the rain at Animal Kingdom/ Disney. We had a picnic in the car too!

That was the only beginning of the week! We are Beta-testing a new product for Writeshop, Lego Corporation, and The TOS Homeschool Crew. This keeps us all pretty busy and never with a lack of educational opportunities. I personally, am reading several books that will later be read by my son in High School.

Dad helped with Math and Science this week. We did some worksheet reviews and hands- on Math. We learned more about decimals and about graphs this week. Mental Math challenges stretched us and Anthony did amazing! We learned again from using the PBS STEM shows. Science brought studies on air pressure. We had fun doing several experiments. We learned the importance of doing them exactly as written. (smile)

We discussed various genres of books, and have been reading aloud a biography on Abe Lincoln. My son reads on his own in one way or another all day long. This is such a miracle as we were once warned how hard it would be for this preemie. I urge you parents, just keep reading daily! We read aloud some Longfellow. Anthony is working on a poem to perform next week. We also learned about Informal Letters. We started our Generational Writing Project, which I will share more about next week.

As we learned about the Merrimack and the Monitor Battle of the Civil War, we watched a National geographic special on raising the Monitor! It was so amazing and informative. It was fun learning about the career of underwater archaeologists! I think learning about the Ironclads was a favorite part of our studies this week.
The Timeblazer show continued to be a treat, and taught us lessons on the history of Justice and Communication.

Gospel Bill once again taught us lessons on character. Anthony also worked on his role as Joseph for teaching the chapel lesson for our church's Super Saturday program. He did another amazing job engaging the children in the lessons we can learn from Joesph's life. Anthony showed good character this week by also being a peacemaker, showing responsibility and helping others. He and his friends helped me with my yard work, knowing my husband is busy and I could physically not do the job.
It was so nice. I had not even asked them to help! His 'good gang' have started helping at each other's homes, cleaning garages, yards, moving things, etc... It is amazing to see this change in attitudes among the preteens of this street!

Thursday and Friday brought some "off days" but we still managed to get a few hours in! Thursday night I had overnight testing at a local Hospital. This adventure brought sleepiness and disruption to the entire family. None the wear, we had a friend to spend the night on Friday. Friday's are Family Fun Night at our home. Often other kids like to join in. Most of our children's friends call us Mom and Dad when here, and love joining in our crazy traditions. Maybe it is a sign that really they carve these moments? Anthony also had fun this week watching the Sci-Fi movies "Back to the Future", with his sister. She is helping a friend with some college work, and Anthony joined in.

Here it is Sunday again, and I am amazed at all the week brought us as way of challenges and roadblocks. I am encouraged to see how we overcame them and made each day fun, memorable and a day of growth! May each of your families, and my own, have yet another week of blossoming into all we can be! God Bless!

A Sleepy, possibly still damp, Becky ;-)
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