Weekly Wrap - Up #3

Wow ... and Oh my! Those are the words describing the last two weeks. If how fast these weeks flew by is any sign, this year is going to be a vapor! We were so busy I even missed posting Week #2.

During both weeks, we continued our Unit Studies on the Civil War Era. We have enjoyed read alouds on Allen Jay and Sojourner Truth. Knowing that his Grandpa was once an Evangelical Friends Pastor, (Stemmed from Quakers) our son enjoyed making connections to these stories. We discussed what the Bible has to say about slavery and racism. We talked about what our son believes on the matter and why. He has done an excellent job narrating and participating in discussions. We watched a History Channel special on the Underground Railroad during Week 2. During Week 3, we watched a Gospel Bill episode on the issue of racism.

Have you come across this classic show yet? It is a fun way to develop and discuss social skills and self awareness from a Biblical perspective! We enjoy this show together.

For History, we did the above and also forms from Bright Ideas All American History. We created a early Civil War Era Hall of Fame.

We are reviewing a product for WriteShop and enjoying the journey. Creative Writing development is high on our goal list this year. We continue to work on Spelling, Reading Skills, Grammar and Penmanship. Most of these are intertwined.

For Science, we are studying the topic of Weather. I have fallen in love with the Janice Van Cleave Books, but our first experiment came from another weather book from our library. We created a cloud on a bottle. Our son felt this experiment was a little 'childish' but we, his parents, had fun. I taught him how to fill out the Lab Reports we will use all year.
We also began our weather tracking chart. Hurricane tracking maps hang on the wall. We got them free at a town expo! This coming week is Hurricane week on the Weather Channel, by the way. With Tropical Danielle forming today, you may want to watch.
We are using a Middle School Weather Unit Study called "All About Weather", published by Brandenburg Studies. It has saved me tons of research time. It is an interactive study. Another hot resource are the Tree House Weather Kids
from the University of Illinois Extension. You could develop a Unit Study from this site alone, and for free!

For Math lessons the last two weeks contained review through overhead visuals my Mother gave me. I just put a white sheet behind them, and we can view them just fine.
We also used money manipulative's, and worked on quickly making change from larger bills. Our son dreams of working at Disney when he turns 15, like his sister did.
We also played math games and logic games. We learned about Math throughout History from Timeblazers. Another show we will view together to drive home some lessons. I DVR them every morning at 4:00 am off Discovery Kids. In contrast, we also did some worksheets. This is my least favorite way to teach Math.

Lastly I will share about some of our other activities. Our son played a lot outside with the kids who live on our street. We are a street in an undeveloped but planned addition. On this street are several houses backed up to streets with none. We are blessed, that we all watch out for each other and that the majority have kids. In fact, our one street has about ten kids. About five are pre-teen boys and many adventures are had. These boys are a creative bunch! Our son also had volunteered to work at our church's "Super Saturday's" - A VBS type program. He is "Joseph" each week and monologue's the lesson to young children. We are so proud that he took this initiative on his own. He also attended Youth Group and Church, working as a Greeter.
For fun, we began celebrating my Birthday and went to see the movie "Despicable Me" and enjoyed some strolling and fun at Downtown Disney. By clicking the title you can read a review from a Christian perspective. We personally, had a very good time and laughed.....alot!

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Becky, I wanted to let you know I gave you the Beautiful Blogger Award. You are a wonderful example of perservering with joy!


April E.
Becky said…
Awww... thank you! Even more special were your words of kindness! You know what? My middle name is Joy! It's a reminder to work at being joyful each day. :-)