Wacky Wednesday

Wow, where is time flying? It's been awhile since I have had the pleasure to share a Wacky Wednesday thought or tip. It is nice for my son to give me a moment to do so. See, at our home, we currently have three adults and a pre-teen all sharing one laptop. Believe me when I say it is driving us crazy! It goes to show how dependent our culture has become on technology and the use of it for communication.

Speaking of communication, I want to share a few worthwhile freebies.

You have probably already found the delight in the DVR or Tivo gadgets. Take advantage of it and schedule a few good programs for adding a little visual aid to your studies this week! We enjoy "Fetch with Ruff with Ruff Ruffman". It is a science/technology/engineering/math show on PBS and meets National Standards. It inspires my son. He also enjoys "Design Squad" another STEM program by PBS. Check your local listings. The websites offer a lot, including free Middle School lesson plans. Another one, which recently aired a Communication History episode, is "Timeblazers". I mentioned this one in my Weekly Wrap-Up. I DVR it off Discovery Kids. DVR offers you the control of viewing time, using the episode with your current studies, and fast forwarding through commercials!

I would love to hear about your "wacky ideas" and routine busters! It is always fun to change things up a bit. We have been going on field trips ourselves. This week we were able to participate in a Bird Training exercise at Animal Kingdom!

By the way, do you worry about counting any "viewing" as part of your school time? I found it interesting to learn about a core college course, at a State University, that only requires students to view some classic sci-fi movies and discuss them. Well, also along with read "Phantom Tollbooth", doing their only paper on that book. Seriously? I guess after studying and scoring high for SAT's, they felt the students needed a break. Who of us wouldn't have jumped at the chance of such a course? I think I will breathe a sigh, and continue to allow a few "wacky" moments in our routine. (Just a few though, lol)