Themed Rooms - A DD Response

Buzz and Woody , Woody and Buzz....these are characters that filled our dreams while on a stay at Disney. Oh, and yes, we returned home and turned our son's room into the same. This was many years ago and sparked our enjoyment of themed rooms.

Monday, Heidi (Reflections and Reviews) and I asked you a few questions about themed rooms for this week's Destination Disney Meme.
1.Are any of the rooms in your home decorated in a Disney theme? If so, what room(s) and how are the decorated? (please share pictures) If not, but you’d like them to be, please explain your dream room to us.
2.Would you like to stay in a Disney-themed room at a Disney resort? If you could be in charge of decorating one of these themed rooms, what theme would you choose and why? How would you decorate it? Get creative and share colors, fabrics, etc.

I am afraid our children have outgrown such themed rooms. Our daughter went from Princess to Hip and Trendy to Old Style to now one inspired by Jane Austen.
Our son hopes to eventually transform his current mismatched room to a Military Theme. I joked about the green soldiers but was met with, "Yeah, right Mom" and a sheepish grin. We do have several Disney collectibles scattered about. As an example, I have a cookie jar collection my children started. I have a decorative vase from my husband and some other special gifts here and there. Our daughter has some beautiful music boxes. My dream would be to have some of the amazing art I see in the Galleries at the Boardwalk and at Downtown Disney. Just this week we met an artist who painted and captured the beautiful spirit of butterflies. Disney has more than just the animated items most people think of. There truly is some fine art and collectibles to be adored!

We have enjoyed staying at a variety of the resorts. My favorite would have been a room that was decorated as if you were in a plantation mansion in the South. (Disney's Port Orleans Riverside) It was perfectly my taste and desires. The current picture they have on the Disney site does not compare to the real thing, or the lovelier bedspread they had on our beds that vacation. I don't think there would have been anything I would have changed in that room. Just visit Southern Living Magazine online for a taste of how I might decorate a themed room. I would be choosing something Southern, elegant, and divine.


Michelle Smith said…
I know your kids have grown up, but I was really hoping you would share a Disney themed room anyway. I know what you mean about wanting a more elegant look, though, too. I would just settle for clean and uncluttered. ;)
Becky said…
Michelle - I sadly do not have any themed room pictures. Our last themed room was Buzz Lightyear and we had the bedspread, curtains and toys. Our boy was three back then.
I tell you what though, you inspired me and for you I will dream up some themed rooms and share another post. Just be sure to come back and comment on it ;-)