Freebie Friday's at There Is Hope - Finding Free Field Trips

What better way to learn than to engage all of ones senses? We love Field Trips for this very reason. Today for Freebie Friday, I want to take a look at how you can join us in planning free or low cost field trips. Let's also open our eyes to how we can turn that field trip into something tangible for our dear portfolio evaluators!

Finding Local Free or Low Cost Field Trips:

Ok, the first step is obvious - Google it! But to help you out a bit, I want to steer you towards a few finds of my own.

*Check out your Chamber of Commerce website for upcoming events and links to local sites.

*Google your County and Parks Ex: Valley County Parks
*Google your State Ex: Florida State Parks
*Google your Parks and Recreation Department
*Google your County name and Arts Alliance Ex: Clay Arts Alliance
*Google your area/region and Cultural Festivals

*I found it helpful to google my region and the words museums, landmarks, trails,
and parks. Each separately brought up several helpful links and several free activities. In fact, we now have a list that will take us years to deplete.

*You can also check out you Visitor Guides of your area, online. I approached
my search, as if I was a tourist planning a vacation.

*Tapestry of Grace has a Field Trip list listed for each year plan. Go to your year, down in the corner is a box labeled "Supporting Links". Here you can open the Field Trip link.
*As does Simply Charlotte Mason. With 375 CM Destinations, this is by far my favorite resource!

Pour yourself a favorite beverage and begin searching now for the perfect Field Trip for this month's studies. Maybe you will be like me, and plan ahead for topics coming up throughout the year. There are even more ways to search by looking up your passions like Local Shakespeare, Pick Your Own Farms, etc...The possibilities seem almost endless. I have found you really can plan a whole year worth of free field trips to add spice and variety to your lesson plans. It will do you the parent good too, by getting you out and about! It is a great way to meet other Homeschool families.