Divine Designs By Becky

In response to Michelle's request that I create and share a themed room design, I share this with you this morning. I am watching Project Runway and am inspired to respond to Michelle's challenge! I hope you enjoy and that it sparks you to creation and to your own divine designs!

I first headed to theFind to do some virtual window shopping. I begin with the idea of creating a nursery for my yet born grandchild. My daughter and I have fun planning her future apartments, home and eventually nurseries for blessings. Darling daughter currently is tossing around ideas of an Angelina Ballerina Nursery, Beatrix Potter, or Classic Pooh. Since the challenge was for a Disney theme, I will share my dream for a Classic Pooh Nursery. It is still years away from reality, but why not start dreaming now?

Imagine having a clean slated room to start with. I would want to obtain a local artist, even one from the local college, to paint a mural on the wall. That mural would of course depict the Hundred Acres Wood in soft colors and classic form. The background paint would need to be a very light blue like the sky as a background to the mural. If possible, I would love to paint the ceiling the same and had puffy whit clouds. It would be so awesome to have 3D clouds hanging off of the painted ones. Just a few, maybe three. Now, when you step into the room it is a magical place that brings peace, hope and giggles!

I would hope there is some white molding and every detail, even a crystal door knob,
has been paid attention to. You can get paint samples of this room by looking here at Disney Home.

The most important furniture would be the crib. I found a lovely one at thefind and it is from the Crib Bedding SuperStore. Oh yes, any grandchild of mine will be surrounded by beautiful things and materials! This room could be for a boy or a girl. A few details changed here and there for whichever.

The mural is so wonderful that not else more would need to be on the wall but I did find a quote plaque at Etsy, and these fabulous Classic Pooh prints off thefind.

Every Nursery needs storage so we would use wicker baskets lined with the beautiful soft greens, blues, and piglet pink of Classic Pooh. I head to the Land of Nod Online for furniture ideas. My daughter is passionate books and will pass that on. she would want a beautiful bookcase in the nursery. The Land of Nod has this beautiful Dollhouse Bookcase, table and chairs. We would use a more classic pooh material to do the chair coverings and such. These wouldd be more for a granddaughter. We would choose more classic lines for a boy. Target has wonderful choices for changing tables and dressers or wardrobes. I found many that would go with our design. I would want my daughter to decide on the wood make and or colors used. I noticed the crib was a dark wood, but I have seen one in brass and white wood as well. My personal choice from Target was the Davinci 2 Changing Table. It comes with a cabinet for storage and I think it would eliminate the need for a separate dresser. I do not care for too much heavy furniture in an infant's room.

I found a lovely online shop that caters to my tastes. It is here at The Bourdoir Boutique!. Both my choice for a musical mobile and curtain come from this shop. Although not an item from Disney or Pooh, they capture the spirit and colors of Classic Pooh for a girl. Pictures are from the shop's website. For a grandson, I would choose a more classic set from the Winnie Pooh Classic Collection sold in such stores as Target.
These have camping themes along with blustery day, and others. The sky blues, browns and darker greens are more focused on in these collections. For the girl I would bring out the pastel green, piglet pink, and cloudy blues.

To customize our nursery even further, and make it absolutly perfect, we would love shopping at Etsy and their three pages of Winnie The Pooh Classic Handmade items.
These are divine and I see many I would want to purchase.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed joining me on a designing dream. Be sure and link up to the Destination Disney Blog Hop and share your won divine designs!
Till then, enjoy the beauty around you!


Michelle Smith said…
Beautiful nursery plans! I love them! In our home would you believe we have never designed a nursery because the baby always sleeps in our room until he/she is older? Yet these plans almost make me wish I could decorate a nursery myself! :)

Make sure your sweet daughter saves these ideas for when she does have a little one to enjoy. :)