Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday, are ya all having a wacky fun day? We have had a full one. I know many are fighting the oppressing heat of this hot summer! So today let's 'chat' about some ways to stay cool when a wacky middle of the week comes around. Be sure and leave a comment sharing some of your own methods.

Water - Duh
*Tomorrow we plan to set up obstacles and get our load of water guns. The children on our street are gathering in our back yard for a major water battle. Everyone for themselves or teams, they will all stay cool.

*Many towns and communities now have local pools and water parks. If you watch your local town website you can find out about low cost passes and no cost times. Pack a cooler, lots of sunscreen, and a few good reads for an afternoon of fun.

*County and State Parks are another low cost way to enjoy water this summer. Several offer beaches, boat docks, and some even have boat rentals. Purchase a pass and you can visit a different park if each weekend. If you are more outdoor savvey than I, make a mini-vaca and camp! Get out on that water and go skiing, rafting, canoeing, inter-tubing, or other craft! Surf your county and state parks web sites and you might be surprised at all you can find to enjoy at these national gems!

Keep it light!
*The local groceries have great "on the go" light lunches. Today my husband had Sushi - California Rolls, I a flat bread sandwich. My son had a lunchable and daughter had some crackers and spread, along with a light lunchable. We got this all at our Publix in less than ten minutes. We had a relative healthy lunch, affordable and light on the tummy. Yet, we were full and energized. Perfect on a day of being out of the house.

*Pack light snacks and lots of water bottles. Be sure you stay hydrated when out enjoying the summer free time, even if you are going indoors! We most always have a cooler in the car during the summer. Keep an empty one clean and set out in your kitchen or by the garage door so it is all ready to go when you go.

Just Stay Indoors!
***But not necessarily at home***
*Many churches are doing Vacation Bible Schools. Usually you can find about four main themes being done throughout your area. Our Orlando Christian radio station
Z88.3, keeps a list of VBS's and information so parents can plan this fun, safe, and inspiring summer activity. Our local host shared how girls were learning Egyptian History and Geography while learning about Moses, the Red Sea, and other Bible stories last week. I remember taking my own children to VBS's each summer. They always looked forward to these. I also would take my Summer Camp Class, from the Childcare Center I worked at, to one or two VBS's each summer. My students chose this as one of their favorite activities during our three month day camp.

*Today we once again went as a family to see a free movie. Regal Cinemas has a summer family movie festival. Each Tuesday and Wednesday they show a G-Rated and a PG-Rated movie. Today we saw "Astro Boy". Last week we saw "Hotel For Dogs". These are in the morning. Visit this site to find a location in your area and see what is showing. Our local theater is doing this through mid-August.

*As mentioned on other Wacky Wed. you can also check out free offerings at your local library. When I was teaching the Childcare Center's Summer Program, the local library offered some special event every week. We made most of them! I remember us learning about snakes, traveling the world, and learning how to use our library. I remember one very special storyteller that had all of us captured! When I was young I remember working hard to earn free ice creams and other treats in the Summer Reading program. I recall my own children doing the same, and recently noticed that local libraries are still doing this fun activity for Elementary Students. To my delight, many are now offering teen programs as well.

Well, I hope I have sparked you into searching out free, fun and cool ways for you to spend your summer days with your children. Be sure and let me know of your experiences. As always, when mid week hits and you find yourself a little sluggish - get wacky and have some creative fun!


Heidi said…
As usual, great ideas! I think I'll take Gracie and Ian shopping for some water guns this afternoon. :) I might even get one for me!