Wacky Wednesday and Freaky Friday's

Wacky Wednesday's post for this week is being posted tonight, late Friday night! What a week, but a better week than the rest of this summer. So tonight's Wacky Wednesday Idea is to plan a "Freaky Friday" with your children! We have had fun doing this a few times with our own, when they we were younger.

Instructions for a "Freaky Friday"
* On Wednesday or Thursday watch the old version of the movie "Freaky Friday" about
a daughter and Mom who switch roles. (They actually switch bodies.) Be sure and have a fun snack while viewing. If you want preview this first. My children enjoyed it from about 8-11 for our daughter and 8-12 for our boy.

*Discuss your family plans for your own "Freaky Friday". Everyone can participate.

*On Friday the Parents (whomever is home) and Children switch roles. When my children were younger (8 or younger) they enjoyed dressing up like Mom and Dad on our FF's. The children would do the chores, make the meals, and get to safely be in charge. This is can be a fun way to teach Home Economics. You get to be the child. Let me tell you I had great fun!

*Sometimes we would add to the "freakishness" by adding some weird twist, like our clothes got turned inside out or our hair went crazy. Maybe the day was backwards and we ate our meals backwards and wore PJ's in the day and clothes at night! Again, by the time my kids got to 11 years old they were to "old" for such antics.

*If we had errands that Friday that arose, then the children would handle cash
exchanges etc...I would instruct them how to handle whatever errand we were
doing, and they would to their ability, handle that errand. This taught a lot
of life skills. Most businesses and folks enjoyed helping me out with this.

*On Friday night the children would serve dinner and we would watch the newer version
of "Freaky Friday" once it released. With the latest news on Lindsay Lohan you may choose not to view this. If not, just carry on the switched role and let the children choose the movie! That is what we did prior to the new movie.

*If you do watch both versions of the storyline, you may want to extend "the lesson" and discuss how they differed - compare/contrast. Discuss what they learned by
being the adult for the day. What did you learn being the child?

*To end the day at some random freakish moment one of the children would take our hands and kind-of-sorta act out the moment in the movie. Instead of quoting an
Ancient Chinese Proverb we chose to tell something that we admired about what the other does in their life. We would then shake and act silly and be back to normal. Usually, one of the kids would ask, "Are we normal now?" To which we would reply, "Never!"

*My children want me to add the disclaimer that this was cool when they were "young".
Mom still thinks it is cool and fun!


Heidi said…
Becky~ you are a treasure trove of fun ideas, aren't you? I wanna live at your house!
Becky said…
LOL Thanks Heidi! We had a freaky Friday moment trying to get this thing to post - and it never did post correctly. Freakish! I am glad you still enjoyed it. ;-)
Heidi said…
Cute idea! And I *love* the picture!