TOS Planner Module - Travel The World E-Book

"I'm leaving on a jet plane"... sang our family as we talked about this review. We also were inspired to play "I am going to California and packing "an apple, a banana, a coconut...."a train, an umbrella, a violin...". We were ready to travel the world and review geography!

We received the June Module E-Book from the 2009 TOS Planner , titled, " Travel the World". Once again, we are setting sail with the TOS Homeschool Crew and this is the first of such product reviews we will share this year. As always, we receive these products for free in exchange for our honest review. Our goal, to find some great resources for both my family and yours.

The "TOS June Module - Travel the World" is a complete and interactive unit study on Geography. Activities in all subjects are weaved throughout the study. You could do this as a stand alone unit or as a supplement to your curriculum. Being an E-Book you can choose which activities you and your child want to participate in. Print only what you need. There are a wide variety of activities for various levels, so the whole family can participate. Again, just choose what fits your child. There are lapbooks for your younger students and a High School section for the more advanced student. Activities to include in notebooks are available. A feature we really use. We printed such activities as an Acrostic Poem lesson, Cursive Copywork, Word Scramble and Crossword Puzzle. This E-Book is packed full of information, hyperlinks, puzzles, quizzes, and more, all to add fun to your investigation of the world!

What did my son think?
Your child will explore God's beautiful design and how the earth is the setting for God's story. This while sparking his natural curiosity to grow his/her geography and science topics lends to an exciting and fun school time. My son, who is in seventh grade, sat with me to review this product and decide how we would best use it. We enjoy Interactive Unit Studies ( E-books that utilize the Internet). We did a few lessons to get a feel of the product. While many terms were a review, we did realize we had forgotten much about locations! He got a big kick out of Mom struggling on some of the geography games. We have decided we both need a
refresher course. This study could also be done independently, but we find it more fun to learn together.

My son asked that that I be sure and mention that the maps are the best he has seen. He also loved the brightness of the text and pictures. Everything kept his attention focused. We plan to use these lessons once a week interwoven throughout our History Based Unit Studies we use. This will work best with our schedule but we both felt it easily could be a stand alone Unit for a month, if a family chose. With the many links you can really expand on your studies.

You can read about other Crew family experiences here. The Module can be purchased for $7.95 at the The Old Schoolhouse Store.


Denise said…
I love the look of your blog! From the Homeschool Crew here~ I enjoyed reading your review, and am now following your blog.
Guiding Light said…
Hi! Stopping by as a fellow crew folk...nice review! Have a wonderfully blessed evening!
Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job!
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Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have had fun visiting your blogs in return, and meeting more of my fellow crew members! Have a great week!
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