Give it ALL

"God can do a lot with a little if He has all of it!" said, the Rev. Jerry Falwell back in 1996. I had taken note of his sermon on the front page of my Bible that Sunday morning. A few weeks later I would be diagnosed with Lupus and my husband told I had only a few months to five years to live. Thankfully, that was not stamped on my foot! Thankfully, this quote was stamped on my heart.

You have to ask yourself, "What am I going to do with what I have?" God will use whatever it is and make it more than you can imagine. The only way though, is if you give it - all of it. Turn to Acts 3:1-10 and read 'Peter Heals the Crippled Beggar'. In verse 5 it reads,
"So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them."
He obviously was expecting a handout but what he got was a life changing miracle, a life changing message. Notice that he was expecting something! Let's look at this two different ways.

First, place yourself in Peter's role. Realize people are expecting something from you. Your children are watching, your husband is needing you support, etc... How can you when finances are crippling your efforts? How can you when relationships are strained? How are you to give something when your own soul is not being fed? The answer - Giving it all to Him then expecting something in return. Open your heart and soul for what He wants to give you. It will always be just what you need!

Is something crippling you? Give it to Him! He can give you hope and healing. Despite that which is crippling you, you can do mighty things if you have given it all to Him. This is how one can smile, one can be joyful despite any pain. Expect Him to help you. Verse 8 reads,
"He jumped up to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God."
People were amazed at him. When we give everything and allow ourselves to receive the gifts He wants to pour out on us, then we too will not be able to contain ourselves! That kind of joy and hope has no limits! When you can realize that God is your source for everything and He is so ready to take it all and do this mighty creation and mighty act through YOU - then honey, you are going to rock this world!

Are you ready to be available? Are you ready to give it all and let Him do a lot in and through you? What are you going to do with what you got?
People may not remember what you wore, what you did, or even what you said but they will remember how you made them feel!

* All scriptures came from my "Life Application Bible - New International Version".