Freebie Friday at TIH

It is the end of July and Summer is quickly blowing by. Of course here in the tropics, we will be hot for some time to come and are busy changing plans as Tropical Storm Bonnie decides just where she will blow her winds and dump her water. In my back yard it is raining nicely and the wind has not been bad at all. What are your plans for this weekend? Have any fun and free events scheduled? It is so easy to plan free or low cost fun times. It's a matter of planning and attitude, I have found.

My Freebies For Mom newsletter clued me into special events from Ikea this weekend and upcoming ones as well. Find out more here at the Ikea website.
Also, way cool, are the "Build and Grow" workshops at Lowes. One is scheduled for this weekend! Another for August, so mark your calendar now. These clinics are free and teach some basic woodworking skills.

At our house we are short on both gas and funds, so we are hunkering down and having some home-grown fun! A little spontaneous battle - sock war anyone? A movie or two from the "archives" ,and some pizza, make for Friday Family Night fun. I think we will make some brownies while we are at. Over the weekend we will create, talk, and play. Ideas are all around us, we just have to open our eyes to them. Today my son took a box and made about 15 different items to pretend with. He created a story, cut out his props, decorated them and then had hours of fun pretending. Right now we are all watching one of our old movies and recalling all our recent American History lessons. The movie this late rainy afternoon is "Spirit". It is always good to spark discussions on American History, our Native Americans, Horses, the Railroad, and the West. We will try to engage the local children in a Nerf or watergun battle over the weekend. Squirt bottles are another option, by the way. We will jam on our instruments and sing praise to our King. We will attend worship services together, and may have a Sunday afternoon picnic by the lake. You do not have to spend a lot to enjoy one another. Focus on the blessing of having one another and being loved. Make the moment, don't let time slip away! I challenge you to regain your time, family, and fun this weekend by using what you already have! If you must "get out" then be sure and take the time to research the many low cost and free events all over your town! A few days ago, I found an article listing ten free attractions right in my own county! Let me know what you find!