Freebie Friday at TIH - Family Night Returns - The Jensen Project

Well, if you have shopped at Wal-Mart, bought a P&G product this week or belong to one of many e-newsletters from a variety of family oriented groups, then you know about tonight! However, just in case you have not and you are looking for something low cost/free to do tonight:

Family Night Makes a Come-Back
NBC is "bringing back family movie nights." "The Jensen Project" is scheduled to premiere at 8:00 pm tonight on your local NBC station. For those without cable or satellite, you might one to plug in on the computer. Just a side note - at my house "Friday Family Movie Night" never left ;-) However, we are excited to have another viewing option!

I have not had the opportunity to preview the movie but from the "talk" among many, I am hopeful that tonight's movie will be a good family option. It is a high -tech action, packed movie that is advertised to thrill and captivate everyone in your family. You can find out more at this Jensen Project site. This is all part of a movement to provide meaningful entertainment for the entire family. To that we say, "Bravo". Even advertisements are chosen to be family friendly. You can view a trailer by visiting the site.

Wal-Mart had a flyer suggesting dinner and snack ideas. In fact it stated, "Everything you need for under $10". Just another tip to help families understand how fun and low cost family night can be. We have been doing these events weekly for as long as we can remember. We have always been able to do so for under $20, and "free" when Mom already had dinner on hand. This week we are having a variety of pizzas we are cooking and a salad. For movie snacking we have popcorn and M&M's for a salty/chocolate treat, pringles, and some pop. Yes, we get a little "wild" and throw the low-sugar, healthy diet out the window for this night. In moderation, one night isn't going to cause too much chaos. The kids have always known this is the one night for the out-of -the-ordinary.

The kids tell us that this is one of the special memories and traditions they will take with them into their own families. They have shared how so many important discussions and fun moments have been gleaned from taking such time out of our busy schedules. I remember when my daughter had three dance classes every Friday night. On those Friday's I had pizza at the local mall pizzeria with my son while we waited for his sister. He fondly remembers those Mom/Son dates. We would have our family night on another night when Daddy and Sissy were both free. Take the time, enjoy one another! lastly, do not stop these as your kids become teens. Just "grow up" the viewing. You will be glad you insisted on such time and will be shocked how those moments impact them the rest of the week.

Have a beautiful evening together! We will be!


Becky said…
This turned out to be a really fun evening for our family. I will be checking for more of these offerings from NBC.