Flashback Friday - Patriotic Memories

When you were growing up, did your family do anything special to celebrate Independence Day or other patriotic occasions? Did you hang a flag? What about neighborhood or town parades, picnics, neighborhood parties, etc.? Did you attend fireworks displays? Were personal fireworks permitted where you lived and, if so, did your family do them?

My Flashback:
As a child I was raised to be patriotic! I am thankful for that teaching. This was a daily living characteristic of our family, but we did step things up around the Holiday's. I remember marching in parades with my Blue Bird troop. I recall riding on a church float!I remember flags, cookouts, and music! One of the most memorable was in 1976! The other was in 1988.

My Daddy was one of two local Pastor's of our small Ohio town. We had such a great Bicentennial Celebration! Local church choirs put on a Patriotic Cantata. I remember being so proud as I stood in my time period outfit singing a duet with my Dad. Everyone was dressed in time period outfits. The show was put on under a pavilion. There was a parade, time period crafts, great food, music and fireworks. One afternoon, during the three day celebration, the local men put on a reenactment in the hills and woods beside the church. I still have the images of watching this battle take place in front of my almost seven eyes. My heart raced as men jumped from behind trees, others falling to their 'death', the fear when we saw the Red Coats approaching. It was that day I realized how sad and terrible war is. I remember asking question upon question. My dear parents took the time to answer and explain.

In 1988 I had another memorable fourth weekend! My mind flashbacks to a busy weekend. My Mother was out of town. I was working as a nanny and as a Church Children's Church Assoc. that weekend. Each night, my boyfriend, of a year, and I had plans to visit one of the many free firework displays in OKC. It was now Sunday, and we had planned a picnic lunch at the local lake and then plans to catch more fireworks. I rushed home from my church job and got the basket ready. Dad was teasing me as I took special care to make sure everything was perfect. I had fried chicken, beans, the works! I could tell he was a little sad he would be spending the afternoon alone. My boyfriend arrives, and after talking with Dad a bit we head to the car. We get things in, and as usual he has the door open for me. Before pulling out of the driveway, this handsome 19 year old cannot contain his love and excitement a moment more. On this Fourth of July weekend, 1988, he asked me if I wanted to get married "now - not someday"! It took a moment for me to realize what we was saying. We were officially engaged! A year later we would have a beautiful wedding. All these years later, every Fourth Weekend is a celebration of our love and our own fireworks ;-)


Aww, what a sweet memory of getting engaged! I know someone who got married on the 4th of July.

And I was a Blue Bird! I've never heard of anyone else being one. I was only in it one year.