FlashBack Friday Meme - Food For Thought

This Week's Topic:

My friend , "Mocha with Linda" has given the following topic, on food, for this week's meme. It conjured up many thoughts that I think I will have to work on this longer and not post my reply on Friday, this time. Stay tuned to find out more about my thoughts on food as I share memories and hopefully give you, some food for thought! ( The nasty food pic to the left is from my daugther's memories on a recent trip. Just saying....)

What were meals like when you were growing up? Did your mom (or dad) cook (and was it from scratch or from a box?) or did your family eat out much of the time? Did you eat together as a family or was everyone on a different schedule? What did you call meals? (Dinner vs. supper, lunch, etc.) What were some of your favorite things that your parent fixed? What did you dislike and vow never to fix once you grew up? Did your family have any food traditions, things that were a must on certain occasions (such as Sunday dinners or holiday meals)? Did your parent teach you to cook or did you wing it once you were grown? How similar or different are your family's eating habits today than when you grew up?


Alexia said…
Oh mom, that food isn't nasty! Okay, I agree, it may not look too appetizing, but what you're seeing there is actually the best Indian food ever! Fun Fact: The owners of the Indian restaurant took pity on us college aged girls and gave us extra for free!