Wacky Wed Returns!

Whoo Hooo! Wacky Wednesdays returns for the Summer! Check here weekly for FUN free or low-cost ideas for summer activities. Be sure and leave comments about your own Summer boredom and heat busters!

This Week's Wacky Wed. Summer Fun:

1. Be sure you keep a money jar near the front door this summer. That way when your child hears the old-fashioned "Ding-Ding" of a local ice cream truck, you are ready for an unforgettable summer moment! We were surprised by such a moment a few weeks ago after about five years of never hearing that call. My twelve year old resorted back to young childhood running in the house yelling, "The ice cream man! The ice cream man!" A few moments later, as darkness was falling, the curb was lined with
messy faces and hands. A beautiful site as a variety of cultures and ages enjoyed
the treats of old!

2. Do you have a cardboard box? With us just moving we have a new arsenal of swords, hatchets, forts and such! Give your child a box one afternoon, a safe cutting tool, and be prepared for what they might create! Boxes also make great puppet theaters, store fronts, and transportation to worlds undiscovered.

3. About once a week our preteen performs a play for us. This is his time to share the stories that have been imagined. He often has props made from....cardboard... and old clothes, blankets, belts and other discarded items. This is entertainment at its finest!

4. County/State parks, public beaches, and playgrounds provide lots of free hours of fun! Have fun exploring these gems near your home. Enjoy nature and play together! We make a list of city, county, and state parks and beaches within two hours of our home. We then make it a goal to go and enjoy as many as possible each year. By visiting various ones it creates excitement and adventure. We also find we learn more about the area and its people by exploring these treasures. Be sure and pack a cooler of food and drinks, sunscreen and a camera! usually the only cost is your gas.

5.Enjoy visiting various libraries within your area! You will be amazed at all the free, fun and educational activities taking place at libraries in your area this summer! We visited a large new library in a town two hours from us yesterday. My husband had a meeting in this town. We wanted to enjoy the beach and have a road trip. We decided while he was at the meeting we would just visit this new library.
We always feel safe at the library, and we tend to be a bit passionate about them!
Oh my, what a beautiful time we had! This library had such a whimsical children's area. We then went upstairs and my preteen enjoyed the large "Teen" selection of books. What a joy to see him choosing books on his own and curling up in a chair to read. I enjoyed catching up on some magazine reading while looking out at gardens and the birds fling by. I was so relaxed in this quiet cool area. My son was then directed to their "Teen Room" for 6-12th graders. Set up like a cafe, he went in and enjoyed reading along with some peers. He was then able to join in on some computer fun. I was amazed to see this the pages of activities this library offered all ages.
We visit our local library weekly and enjoy our visits with locals there as well. I urge you to be willing to explore and branch out beyond your own community while still supporting your local offerings.

I could write all night! There are so many low cost and fun things you can do with your children this summer. Be sure and check back next week. Don't let these opportunities be wasted! Before long you will be looking for ways to keep yourself busy because your children are grown. Enjoy the carefree days of summer and grow, learn and play together! Blessings!

PS Let others know about this fun and free series of posts! Thanks! See you next Wed!


Heidi said…
Great ideas, Becky! We don't have an ice cream truck that comes by here, but I wish we did! :)